Monday, August 30, 2010

Cleo & Ricoh Camera Shooting

Event : Cleo & Ricoh Camera Shooting
Date : 15 August 2010 ( Sunday)
Venue : MPH book store, The Curve

Bring along the CLEO magazine or puchase it will allow you to have a shooting photo with the ricoh camera and free goodies bag for the first 50 readers!

Because i'm rushing for the event and luckly it is really fast to register and already my turn to take the photo with the ricoh camera and cleo magazine. After that just wait them to print out the A4 size photo for me which is free. my posing maybe not very good but the photo quite ok.

Finally it is the goodies bags redeemption after i get the A4 photo printed out for me. They put in the paper bag and pass it to me. See what is inside the bags: the Asience hair care product set which include the shampoo and conditional, a little cute coins rocoh bear, 1 boxe of kotex and some little accessories and mini booklet from Cleo. It is really worth it since i bought the August issues long time ago. Hope to see more this kind of happenning or event from Cleo next time that will reward the reader from time to time. Thanks Cleo! ^_^

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