Saturday, August 7, 2010

Astro Star Quest Finalist Meet the Fans 2010

Date : 17 July 2010
Time : 10.30am - 1.30pm
Venue : Ballroom Westine Hotel

I am very happy and exited to have a chance to be invited to the Astro Star Quest finalist meet the fans party. When my sister and i go there in the morning, they are serving buffet breakfast for everyone that coming to the event.

After finish eating breafast, we are going into the hall to enjoy the show. The speaker is DJ from MyFM Wai Fun. She are asking few question and giving out few prices. Soon she announce the arrive of the five finalisst for Astro Star Quest 2010. They all are pretty and handsome. They all are kind and i have a chance to play game with Yi Bo. Each of them are singing their EP songs. I am really enjoying the show.

When the show finish, we are allow to go to stage to get their signature and take photo with them. It is such a good experience. I really feel happy can take photo with the 3 handsome guys .....^_^

I have 5 postcards with their signatures in there. At the end, we need to go to redeem the 2 VIP tickets for Astro Star Quest Final and goodies bag form astrolife.

The things i get form this events : 1 Astrolilfe goodies bag, 1 Astrolife umbrella, 1 Astrolife botal, 3 astrolife pens, 2 VIP tickets for Astro Star Quest final 2010, postcard with signatures. Thank you so much Astrolife! ..... ^_^

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