Monday, August 30, 2010

Justin Lo Concert

Event : Justin lo concert live at Genting
Date : 14 August 2010 ( Saturday)
Venue : Arena of Star 8pm
Tickets : 2 x RM200 , 2 x RM130

My friend and me just go to the genting around 6pm and have dinner at old town opposite the arena of star. After that we go in the arena and they are small survey to pick the celebrities that we hope them to have concert in Malaysia.

We all really enjoy the show where justin sing many nice songs and all the songs are familiar and we can sing together. Some of the nice songs are “好人”, “决战二世祖”,“情歌”,“命硬”,“男人KTV” and so on. He also sing the MJ songs and dancing. He sound is unique and very nice. He sing very well and never tought that he also able to dance very nice. Got fans go up to the stage to sing with him and give a lot of present for justin. One of the fans give him a cap and he just take out his cap and wear the new one. Wah....we saw the justin bold head in real. Really an intersting show and i enjoy it so much. Thanks to stage magazine t o let me enjoy this great show.......... ^_^

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