Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"New Year Wish" Movie Premiere

I was happy to be invited to attend the "New Year Wish" Movie Premiere Media Launch to watch the movie first before the other. All of us like to watch movie during Chinese New Year. Please support a local movie "New Year Wish" which is a very meaningful movie to watch during this festival.

"New Year Wish" is a movie about "new hope", "new ambitions", and "new goals". People who suffering on social morbidity, economic challenges, busy life and hustle and bustle life, to be able to ignite hope and dreams in the new year is very important and meaningful!

The movie was directed by director by Lee Sai Yew.Different from the traditional Chinese New Year commercial film, "New Year Wish" is   warm movie. The most important thing is, director Lee hope to be able to get out of the counselling room, bless more people, in this new year, bring hopes to everyone, and encourage everyone pass this love around. 

Alan Yun play a main cast in the movie, he act as Liu Shao Feng, a young and passionate heart
Dermatology specialist. He also giving free service of charge for his patients in their medical services. 

His wife Sanny Lee act as Maggie in "New Year Wish", the mother of Tian Tian, ​​and a famous prestigious psychiatrist. If young and passionate is to describe Liu Shao feng, then Maggie is regarded as a beautiful and intelligent. The couples in this story also created to be the "best partner." 

Their daughter Debbie Loo act as Tian Tian. She was very smart and cute, sweet and pleasant. When the other girls in the same age is still looking forward to doll or ballet skirt to do the New Year gift, Tian Tian desire is to become angel of other people. 

I was surprise that our contry are full of talents and the movie was really good. I highly recommed my readers to go watch it yourself. I like this movie so much which was very meaningful. It talk about family, friend and work. We may always make a wish and life should be full of hope. Miracle will always happened if we believe it!

The movie will be released on 26th Jan 2017. Do support our local movie. Remember to bing your family to watch the movie.

Good news that I have two pairs movie tickets to giveaway! Be the first 2 to follow and comment my blog the date and cinema you prefer to watch. It is just too simple. Be fast as it is end tomorrow.

Choose your prefer date from 26th Jan 2017 - 28th Jan 2017 and cinema from the list below :


  1. Date : 26 or 27 Jan 2017 Morning.
    Cinema : Premium-X Cinemas, Sky Park One City, Subang Jaya.

  2. Look warm for this CNY movie and we must support local movie or film.
    Can't wait to go in cinema to watch this movie with my family in this warmest CNY.
    Thanks for sharing :)