Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Disney's Latest Princess, Elena of Avalor!

Elena of Avalor which recently premiered on Disney Channel (ASTRO Ch 615), introduces Disney’s latest Princess named Elena, a strong-willed and courageous teenager. #RuleLikeElena

She fought an evil sorceress who attacked her family and was trapped inside an enchanted jewel for decades before she was freed. Now, after saving her kingdom at the tender age of 16, she is the Crown Princess of Avalor and rules with guidance from the Grand Council. 

Despite going through many challenges in learning how to be a good ruler, Elena is decisive and fearless in standing up for herself and what she believes in. In addition to guidance from the Grand Council on ruling, Elena also has some special help in the form of Zuzo, her spirit guide; three flying jaquins (magical creatures that are part jaguar and part macaw; and a Sceptre of Light which has many powers that help Elena overcome magical and non-magical challenges. 

With every episode, Elena exhibits many admirable qualities such as thoughtfulness, resilience, compassion and leadership which young girls can aspire to. 

My daugher really shows her thoughtfulness when she will do her things independently after consider how busy and hard of her mother. She allow me to rest and help me to do a lot of housework. She perpare the breakfast on her own, eat herself and wash the plate after finish eating. It is really lighten my burden. I love her so much.

She portrait her resilience and compassion by helping me to taking care the baby when she saw me so tired. She will follow my instruction and guiden when i asked her to do the work. She help me to feed her sister and she love her sister very much.

All the while, she is having a good result and perform good in school whether in academic or other activites. She has received award for the good academic result. She did performed in the school concert with good show. She always guide and teach her brother in reading, playing and doing work if her brother not able to perform the tasks. These have show that she has a good leadership skill.

My daughter  really exhibits these Princess-like qualities in her daily life. Good job girl!

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