Monday, November 14, 2016

MaidEasy : Malaysia’s first and only online booking platform for cleaning services

Are you tired with all the housework and thinking to find someone to help you to clean the house and you will just sit rest and relax over the weekend? Good news from Maid Easy which make it easier for you to find a friendly, fully-vetted part –time home cleaner quick and easy where you can book a cleaning service in 60 seconds.

Maid Easy is covering most major districts in Klang Valley now. There are few types of cleaning services which include basic home cleaning, move-in cleaning, special cleaning and carpet cleaning. Not only cleaning services, Maid Easy also provide interior painting service.

For a basic cleaning package is only cost RM20 per hour, it is really worth it. The basic cleaning package includes cleaning of your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom as you wish. You can just choose the date you like for the cleaners to come. There are two sessions which is 9:00am or 2:00am and each session is 4 hours. They offer one-time and every week cleaning services. All the cleaner are dedicated and professional, If for any reason you are not satisfied with their cleaning service, just drop their customer service a call, anytime in between 9am till 5pm daily.

I have done the online booking for the cleaner to come my house on 23rd Oct 2016 (Sunday) afternoon 2:00pm session to clean my house after my birthday. The cleaner Nina arrive early, she is kind and nice. She just did what I asked her to do. First she is asked to clean the three fans in my house. Next is to clean up the two toilet of my house.

She swipe and mop the floor, then help me wash all the plates.

I am asking her to clean all the windows at my house.

Lastly help me to fold all the clothes before she left. I manage to have a selfie with her where you just need to post it to FB and tag then you will get RM20 off for the next booking.

Let’s try it out yourself to book the cleaner in a convenient way to help out all the heavy housework weekly, so that your house can become super clean while you are enjoying a cup of coffee with your family.

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