Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wings Xmas Menu 2016

Jingle Bell , Jingle Bell, December, is a month filled with atmosphere of Christmas, and Wings Musicafé launches a series of Christmas Menu. I am glad to invited to Wings Xmas Menu 2016 Prelaunch Party to enjoy with all the friends. Let's see the menu!

"Mumbo Jumbo Burger" is the 2016 main Christmas meal strongly-recommended by Wings Musicafé. It consists of two pieces of beef patty, one piece of chicken patty, served with vegetables, tomato and cheese,  plus Wings specially-designed Fries Tree. Its unique and tempting sauce, a secret recipe invented by Wings Central Chef Clement Tay, will sure make it an unforgettable experience. Please come to try out this Mumbo Jumbo Burger, a delicious and definitely-filing experience.

Not everybody likes salted eggs, but it tastes just right when served with chicken chop. The chef first blends the salted egg powder till it is creamy, and then fry it till it fragrances. After mixing the salted egg sauce with a crispy chicken chop, the chef fries the chicken chop with small fire, till it spreads delicious fragrance. To give it a Christmas feel, the chef spends good effort to make mashed potato into Christmas snowman. Do appreciate the chef effort to decorate the mashed potato when you are having your chicken chop.

During Christmas, Wings Musicafé design their house with decoration items, where Christmas Tree is the top decoration item in most houses. The Chef delicately designed the fries into "Fries Tree", with the intention that you will remember this special festive moment at Wings Musicafé. This "Christmas Fries" has 3 flavors : Tangy Curry, Cheesy Primero and Mexican Chili. It is full of special "decoration fee" and nice flavors.

Gingerbread Man, we have eaten before; but Luncheon Man, how does it taste? Other than its cute appearance, Luncheon Man will also be very catchy on cameras. You will envy a lot of people when you take photos with this cutie snack. If you have kids, they will love it very much too!!

Wings Musicafé introduce "Friendship Platter" before and received great feedback. For this Christmas, where families and friends gather together, they introduce "Christmas Platter' which consists of Cheesy Ham Sausage, Snowman Mashed Potato, Luncheon Man, and Fries Tree, well-decorated for this festive Christmas. Why don't you come enjoy this Christmas-Decorated Platter with few great friends?

Now let's have some Christmas festival drinks, Olaf, it is a treasure of Christmas. The cute snowman in the Disneyland movie "Frozen". In the story, Olaf's wish is to experience the feel of summer. This time, our naughty Chef melts Olaf and brings it to celebrate Christmas with us in Malaysia. Chef : "Observe the making process of this drink, the sudden explosion shows you how Olaf melts...". What is the treasure in this drink? Try it and you will know!

Rudolph, a drink that suits this festive season. Its bright color makes our heart beat go wild, don't you feel so " Its red color come from Ribena's grape ingredients. When you enjoy this drink, it may even recall your childhood Christmas memories!!

We really feel enjoy and full at the party. All the foods are special and taste delicious. Last but not least, let's have a group photo before going back.

For more info on Wings Musicafé, plug in to Wings Musicafé facebook or Wings Musicafé website.


  1. Love the foods at there, will go try their new menu soon, thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. Welcome. It was my pleasure to attend the party. Sure, we will go again.