Sunday, December 13, 2015

Miacare Acne Patch Review

Are you looking for a product that can clear your acne with fast and scarring? especially in the festival sessions. Recently I have tried out the Miacare Ance Patch (For Day & Night). Below is the packaging for Miacare Ance Patch (For Day & Night). 

For day time, you can apply the ance patch that special design for day where it is very thin and nearly invisible when you stick on top of your acne. It's look transparent and can match to your skin color, you do not have to worry where you can wear it to work since it is not noticeable. Don't look down on this small patch which really can give you an amazing result to faster the recover of your acne. Refer below for the different packages for Day & Night.

 For the night ance patch it will look slightly ticker then the day patch and the result will be even more faster then the day patch. You can just apply it before you sleep and remove it when you wake up. Let it do the job when you are sleeping so you can see your acne disappear in the  morning.

Here is how the product look like. It is simply a small circle sticker for you to paste on top of your acne. It is really convenient for you to bring it out and easy to apply anyway anytime you like.

Here are the result of my acne after i apply it for a day. Just for a day i can see so obvious result, it will be soon disappear just for few days. I will just use it every time i saw any acne pop out at my face. You have to tried it out on your own to experience it miracle!

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