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TORIDOKI Restaurant At Desa Sri Hartamas Review

Thanks Alicia for the invitation to the TORIDOKI Restaurant food review. We are being served nicely by the friendly boss Mr.Kota. TORIDOKI Restaurant is located at No.40, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. You may find the map HERE.

TORIDOKI Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant and they already in Tokyo, Japan for sometimes and now they are setup in Malaysia. The food served here mainly contain chicken just like their sigh board with the picture of chicken, there are made by different part of chicken with variety of recipe.

All of the guest in TORIDOKI Restaurant will be served with a complimentary appetizer of the day at the beginning. The appetizer will be different for everyday. On that day, the appetizer that being served to us is Potato Salad. It is fresh and the taste is nice, i like it!

Potato Salad (Free/ Complimentary)

The next dish for us is KonsaiSalad-Root's vegetable's Salad.We have to put those vegetable on top of the garlic bread to eat. The salad is a mixtures of all kinds of root vegetable and it is being served together with a piece of butter. The boss help us to shade the butter into the dish with the tool provided as show in the picture below. It is a special way to serve a salad like this.
KonsaiSalad-Root's vegetable's Salad (RM 18)

Next, we are being served with Nagaimo Garlic Butter Japanese yam with garlic & butter. It is actually a yam with some garlic butter on top and the taste is very special.

Nagaimo Garlic Butter Japanese yam with garlic & butter (RM 12)
After all the salads and appetizers now we are slowly go in the dish with chicken. We start with Teba Age-Deep Fried Chicken Wing. I personally like chicken wing and this chicken is not too dry or too sticky, it is just nice for me. You should try it yourself if you are chicken wing fans.

 Teba Age-Deep Fried Chicken Wing (RM 10)

The following food come to our table is Sunagimo Ahijyo chicken gizzard & 8 kind of Vegetables served in hot plate with French loaf. We have to put the vegetables on top of the french loaf to eat together. The taste is quite nice surprisingly.

Sunagimo Ahijyo chicken gizzard & 8 kind of Vegetables in hot plate with French loaf (RM 18)

Now, we are going to eat the core course of the shop and also the most popular and famous food in the shop which is Maruyaki-Grilled Whole Chicken. We are lucky to be able to eat the chicken without waiting. If any of you wish to order this on the spot, you may need to wait 45 minutes. If you do not want to wait, please call to order before you go to the shop. You may call 012-9373754 to make your order. 

Maruyaki-Grilled Whole Chicken (RM 45)

It is a whole chicken and the waitress is cutting the chicken in front of us with her expert cutting skill. In just a minutes the whole chicken is being cut into a small pieces and ready to eat.

The chicken really taste good and i can't attempt to take few more pieces. Its come together with 3 kinds of sources and you can just put all the 3 sources together. We really enjoy and feel happy to be able to enjoy this chicken. Please bring your family to tried it together. Trust me and it is really nice!

Next, one of the blogger in my table order  Motsu Ni Chicken Intestinal stew. I not quite sure what is the content of the dish but it taste good as well.

 Motsu Ni Chicken Intestinal stew (RM 18)
We move on to charcoal-grilled chicken series, Yakitori-Toridoki is chicken thigh and breast wrapped in skin which is one of the popular dish in the shop. It is super delicious!

Yakitori-Toridoki (RM 8 / pcs)

Thanks to the nice boss Mr.Kota allow one of my blogger friend to order a special dish Dashimaki Tamago that we wish to try out. It is a Japnese Omellette and there i discover a chicken sign on the omellete. I like this dish so much!

Dashimaki Tamago (RM 14)

We continue enjoy the next charcoal-grilled chicken which is Negima. Negima is a chicken thigh and Japanese leek and it is also one of a very popular dish in the shop. You just can't resist to try more.

Negima (RM 5 / pcs)

One more charcoal-grilled chicken that we ate on that day is Tsukune. It just a chicken with extremely rich taste. You will fill satisfaction to eat this. I do not know the recepi what are the sauce they put it in to charcoal-grilled it but it just make the taste fantastic!

Tsukune (RM 11)

We do not think we are full enough without eating rice. Finally, we are served with a japanese rice : Cheese Yaki Onigiri-Camembert cheese with grilled rice ball. This is the first time i eat the grilled rice ball, you may also want to try it out.

Cheese Yaki Onigiri-Camembert cheese with grilled rice ball (RM 12)

Lastly, it's time for dissert and all of us feel surprise with the Houjicha Pudding desert. The taste is just nice and not so sweet . All of us finish the dessert very fast since it taste really good. it is one of the favourite dessert at TORIDOKI Restaurant.

Houjicha Pudding (RM 10)

That's conclude our dinner, it is really a full dinner and all of us feel happy and enjoying. The environment of the restaurant is good with some music playing. There are few type of seats you can choose in the restaurant, they have high chairs, normal chairs or sit on the floor just like a japanese home. We are choosing the seats on the floor and reallly eat like a japanese guys. Last but not least, Let's take a group photo of our table for that day dinner. Cheers!

You can refer to TORIDOKI Restaurant Website  or TORIDOKI Restaurant Facebook for more information.

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