Monday, November 19, 2018

Genius Product by Baby Koala Making Breast Milk Storage Easier!

Baby Koala a Malaysian home-grown baby brand has just launched a genius product which makes breast milk storage so much easier. Mothers can now rejoice with the newly launched product called the Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels.

Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels are uniquely designed, using high quality food grade silicone, primarily to label milk storage bottles and baby bottles to ease the mothers who are exhausted by the daily struggle of peeling off tapes, labels and washing off permanent ink markers.It is a MUST HAVE for every breastfeeding mother who uses bottles as the option for milk storage. Whether you’re pumping during working hours or simply at home, Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels allow you to label bottles with the name, date and contents without any hassle to avoid mix-ups. Write, wash and rewrite on the labels as often as you like.

Targeted towards most breastfeeding mothers, these labels help you to be prepared and be more organized. By having the right tool, breast milk storage is a lot easier and the wonderful moments of breastfeeding are made more pleasant.

In addition to labeling milk storage bottles, these labels are also perfect for sippy cups, water bottles and small food containers. These fun, colorful personalized labels are re-writable, washable & reusable labels for daily use. Each pack includes 4 pieces of Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels and 1 marker pen.

This convenient product also benefits all ages and is perfect for daycare, kindergarten, school, sports and even the office.

Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels features include :
  • Works with any marker pen. Easily erasable with water.
  • Very stretchy & flexible. Fit snuggly around containers.
  • High quality food grade silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate free. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Convenient and economical.
  • Sterilizer, dishwasher, & microwave safe.
  • Highly recommended for every child. Suitable for breastfeeding mothers to label the milk storage bottles, formula-milk babies to identify the baby bottles, sippy cup and water bottles during daycare, kindergarten and school.
  • U.S. FDA approved 

Baby Koala Baby Bottle Label is priced at RM49.90 for a pack of four labels and one marker pen. You may purchase Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels at  Baby Koala Facebook, Baby Koala Instagram, Shopee Online Shopping or Online Shopping.

You may also visit the dealers at Bebehaus, Baby Dots, Babyland SS2. For enquiries on Baby Koala Baby Bottle Labels, please email to:

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