Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues Review

As a mother of three kids, it is important for me to take care of the cleanliness of my surrounding and my family hygiene, to keep my kids at bay from bacteria, germs and diseases. Hence, tissues are an important tool to wipe dirt and for cleaning up after my kids. I choose to use Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue as it has THREE (3) special features that I like so much:
  • The CleanWeave design that helps to remove dirt.
  • The luxurious soft touch.
  • The charcoal fresh that absorbs odor 

I used the Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue in my toilet and also to wipe the table when it’s dirty or oily. The tissue is made of cotton extract with CleanWeave design that really helps remove dirt easily and faster. I’m really amazed by the results. You should try to experience it and you’ll love it once you’ve tried it!

I also use the Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue to wipe my sofa or any furniture when my kids accidentally pour liquid or pee on to it. One of the features of the tissues is the Charcoal extract that can absorb odor. This will help to remove bad smells as well as it keeps the place clean. This is important especially for those with children.

I use Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue to wipe my child’s mouth after meals because I prefer it's cushiony softness and soft touch in each sheet that are made from 100% high quality virgin fiber technology. It’s gentle on my kid’s skin and they also like to use Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue.

By using Kleenex tissue, it makes my home and family stay clean, happy, feeling fresh and good. Thanks Kleenex Malaysia for the amazing Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue. I am a Kleenex brand believer that will continue using Kleenex product at all times.

You may purchase the Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue online HERE or any supermarket nationwide. For more details, please refer to Kleenex Malaysia Website or Kleenex Malaysia Facebook.

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