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IMIKI Kinder Care Bandar Kinrara - Learning Through Fun, Playing With Inspirations

As a mother, we definitely need to find a good child care center for our kids. I was attracted with the first ever kindergarten that provided swimming pool facility that located in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong : IMIKI Kinder care. I am very satisfied with the environment and the facilities that provided in the center.

The swimming pool is 2 feet deep which is just nice that my kids can stand on the pool. For half day student is only 1 session for swimming per week which is Friday morning. There will be 2 swimming sessions per week for full day student which is on Tuesday noon and Friday morning. During the swimming session, all the floats and balls are provided. Student have to bring their own towel and cloths. The teacher will help to bath the kids and blow their hair after the session. For safety concern, 2 teachers will be in the pool and 2 teacher at the standby for the swim session. I like their services very much as you can see from the picture how my kids enjoy playing in the pool without me.

The place also have a small kid's stage in the center for whatever event to let's the kids to practice in any of the event. It also equipped with 2 small playgrounds for kids with sliders and a lot of kid's game tool for the kids to play during the sport time.

There are total 4 classrooms upstairs and 1 at downstairs. All the classrooms were decorated with different theme for the children. There are total 6 staffs in the center and it will always a backup teacher with no disruption if any teacher is absent. The maximum student is only 15 per classroom, small group will ensure the good learning experience for kids.

In the academy wise, the center emphasizes in Four (4) teaching methods in all the languages (BM, BI &BC) :
1) Morale Teaching
  • Self-confidence, optimism thinking, good manners, respect.
  • Eg. Students are taught to greet, remove shoes and place them accordingly into the designated cabinets, etc
2) Memory Teaching
  • Eg. flash card once weekly in the morning
3) Fun Teaching
  • role play, teamwork, learn while having fun, self-control, capacity to communicate and co-operate, encourage curiosity
4) Theme Teaching
  • Using actual product than relying on photo or DVD.
  • Encourage the use of 5 senses (hear, touch, see, smell, taste) to observe, visualize, imagine, link, understand and learn

For cleaness purpose, the center will spray and sanitize whole school premises, student material, toys and furniture before the school starts and after end everyday. All students' temperature will be taken before the start of school every morning. If any students unwell, parents will be informed and they will be monitored and separated from the classroom with care of another teacher. Everyone entering IMIKI Kinder Care will be disinfected with spray sanitize that is approved by SIRIM and rated Grade A1 by W.H.O.

IMIKI is established since 2008 with 30 over branches nationwide and their HQ is in Penang. There are few achievements that obtained by the kinder care :
  • 2013 : Asia Pacific Premier Award in Child Care & Education
  • 2015 : Donated 1,600 books worth RM42,000 to AMITOFO Care Center Lesotho, Africa
  • 2016 : 1st Talent Search Competition 2016
  • Certified with Jabatan Pendidikan Malaysia, Jabatan Bomba, Jabatan Kesihatan

The logo of IMIKI kinder care is so cute which is emphasize on the Three (3) important values for kids : Morality, Wisdom and Confident. IMIKI kinder care has the following philosophy :
  • Discover & Explore each child’s potential.
  • Providing knowledge to the children.
  • Build self-confidence, independence skill and encourage optimism thinking in child.
  • Emphasize moral qualities aside from daily lessons.
  • Develop skills and abilities through play.
  • Non-academic enhancement through learning.
  • Enjoyable and relaxing learning environment. 

The operating hours for the center is 7.30am 6.30pm Monday to Friday and close on public holiday. Half day programme is start from 7.30am to 1pm include breakfast and lunch. Full day programme is start from 7.30am to 6.30pm include breakfast, lunch and tea time. All the classes are start at 8.30am.

For the fee structure :
Half day fee : RM500 monthly
Full day fee : RM800 monthly
Miscellaneous fee : RM500 (half a year) (including arts craft material, program material etc)
Book fee : RM310 (half a year) (Including books, puzzles, flash cards etc)
Uniform attire : RM30 x 2 sets
Sport attire : RM25 x 1 set

You may start to register your kid from age 2 and above to 6years old, however the basic learning will only start from 3 years old onwards. The kids can come to school as usual on working day with holiday program during December. It is FREE for full time IMIKI students and fee applies for non-IMIKI students who just want to join the December holiday program. To know more on the December holiday programme, you may check at IMIKI-Bandar Kinrara facebook page or visit the center during the Open day this coming October.

Visit IMIKI kinder care Open Day on 14 October 2018 (Sunday) 10am to 3pm to get more promotions. Cash rebate and gifts are up for grab for the First 20 new registration on the spot! (T&C apply). Good deals here for my readers! Just show the photo below during your registration to get RM100 (half day) / RM200 (full day) rebate of the first month school fee valid from 14 October 2018 until 31st December 2018 only.

For more details, please visit IMIKI-Bandar Kinrara facebook page or visiting the center at the location the following address :

IMIKI KinderCare Bandar Kinrara

Address : 178, Jalan BK 4/2, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor.
Tel : 010- 4278542

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