Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fernleaf UHT Milk Review

I feel happy to receive a Fernleaf UHT milk parcel that sent to my house and can't wait to unbox it.

Let's see what is inside :
  • Fernleaf UHT full cream milk 1L x 1 pack
  • Fernleaf UHT chocolate milk 200 ml x 4 packs
  • 1 pair of straw glasses
  • 1 hand held photo prop
  • 1 Fernleaf farm with mini signage
  • 1 campaign messages booklet 

My kids like it so much and can't wait to play with the farm and glasses straw. They are playing with the farm and query about the farm and cow. They started to ask question about where the milk come from and how it is being produce.

At Fernleaf, the cows are a the heart of the diary  farming business and farmers take their welfare very seriously. Due to climate, New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where diary cows can graze outdoors almost all year round on fresh grass that gives them the best from nature to produce nutritious milk. New Zealand is a country with fertile soil, excellent rainfall and abundant sunshine, make it one of the best places in the world to produce milk. As a country, they are expert at growing grass. Well cared for cows fed with natural grass are healthy cows; and healthy cows produce high quality nutritious milk. 

It is very important that with the high quality of grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, the happy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster. I trusted Fernleaf because it already have over 140 year of experience in diary farming. Their farmers' heritage and expertise have made New Zealand a world leader in diary today. That's is why the taste of the Fernleaf UHT milk is  100% Mmmmm...

My kids keep asking me to let them drink the milk, they are enjoying drinking the Fernleaf UHT mik in a special way by using the straw glasses. I let them try one by one the chocolate milk. They just drank finished all the chocolate milk and ask for more. I can only drink the full cream milk. They like the taste so much and tell me 100% Mmmmm...

I can feel the milk is really fresh and the taste is fantastic 100% Mmmm... Let's go and purchase a pack to try it out yourself. You will definitely like it!

For more information, please visit Fonterrra Malaysia official website to  or follow Fernleaf Malaysia facebook page.

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