Tuesday, May 8, 2018

顺风鱼 Shun Pong O Movie In Cinema 10 May 2018

Release date : 10 May 2018
Directed by : David Thian
Written By : Dennis Lai
Produced By : Dennis Lai, Geoffrey Leow
Distributor: Mega Films Distribution Sdn Bhd
Cast: Shinny Tan, Kim Ho Won, Sherlyn Seo, Philip Keong, Phoebe Ooi, Jin Ju Hyung

I feel happy and great to be invited to watch the gala premier 顺风鱼 Shun Pong O. The movie will be released on 10 May 2018 nationwide.

顺风鱼 Shun Pong O is a romantic film that got its theme from a Malaysian legend about love in a fishing village, shot scenes in Seoul and other regions of Korea this past January for 12 days. Co-produced by Malaysia's DAA Productions and Korea's Film Line, 顺风鱼 Shun Pong O is a poignant, yet beautiful love story about a woman from a Malaysian fishing village who yearns for Korean culture, and a Korean man that is suffering with a brain tumor.

This is the movie that produced and crossover by Malaysia, Korean and Taiwan. The main character of the movie Kim Ho Won 金浩元 is a Korean famous actor and model, his famous movies are and . He has act in the movie of < Chalet >; which won the Best Foreign Feature in 2016 Arizona International Film Award. He is really handsome oppa and typical korean guys. He look cute and handsome in the movie when try to match to our culture here in Malaysia. A lot of fun happening between him and Shinny Tan in the movie.

顺风鱼 Shun Pong O is the first movie act by Shinny Tan 陳幸瑜, she went to Taiwan for a training by the famous teacher to teach her on acting, makeup, character analysis, body language and so on before she act on this movie. She is pretty and has variety of style in the movie as a typical Korean drama lover that live in a fishing village.

The movie also feature artists from Taiwan Phoebe Huang 黃嘉千, she has been famous on the movie <光阴的故事> and won the Best Supporting Actress in 44th Golden Bell Awards. She act as Shinny Tan's mother in the movie. Philip Keung 姜皓文 is a Hong Kong actor and film producer that began his acting career as a television actor since 1985. He act as a father of Shinny Tan.

There are two more pretty girls in the Movie from Malaysia Sherlyn Seo 萧丽玲 and Charlotte Bee 陈美廷 . Sherlyn is the best friend of Shinny in the village and she also fall in love with Kim Ho Won. Charlotte Bee act as a korean girl that come to the village.

It really good to watch the movie with your love one. The movie is romantic and nice. Let's purchase your tickets and support the movie from 10 May onwards. To watch the official trailer, please click HERE.

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