Thursday, May 3, 2018

AHA GinnSkin Face Detox Slim Workshop

I was great to be able to AHA join GinnSkin Face Detox Slim Workshop WSPACE at Northpoint, Mid Valley City. The workshop is conducted by Ginn International Founder Ginnie Lam from Hong Kong and facilitated by Ginn International Brand Director Nicolas Pang.

Ginnie looks great and pretty with her age and she has a list of beauty profile and pageant title won as below :

She share with us that actually she had a very bad condition of skin when she was young that make her start the journey in the beauty industry in order to save her own skin. Eventually she was able to help a lot of people to save their skin and successfully to introduce her own brand of skin care products Ginn .

Ginn n carries a metaphor that the creation of our skin care products coming from a purity of our hearts, together with a strong concept and in true spirit. It also highlights how Chinese herbs as ingredients exemplify beautiful skin of the women in Eastern countries.

GinnSkin products are gentle, anti-allergic, soft, moist and good for absorption. It is suitable for all skin types and for pregnancy as well. The products do not contain hormones, metallic elements and artificial flavors, so it would not blocking the skin pores and causing skin irritation or greasy feeling.

In the workshop, Ginnie explain what are the steps to apply GinnSkin product on the model while doing facial. Basically there are 3 series of the products.

1. It starts with cleanse up series which consists of :
  • Natural Pro Cleansing Milk(100ml) - It brings together a variety of natural nourishing essence that moisturize dry skin and relieve skin fatigue. Its unique formula removes makeup with ease and energizes skin to reveal a youthful radiant nature.
  • Pure Amino Acid Face Wash (100ml) - The unique amino acid-based cleansing essence nourishes and hydrates your skin. It forms a rich, creamy lather to gently purify and energize kin for a bright, healthy-looking complexion.
  • Herbal magic gel mask (200ml) - Proprietary formula of all Chinese herbal anti-stressed elements, including deep whitening water. Treatment of purifying sebum, folliculitis, even prevent the allergic itch. More effective repair without ingredients that are of dependent dermatitis; In the sun after the skin uncomfortable. Use daily or at least twice a week of magic gel mask to keep skin white, hydrated and anti-allergic, promote facial blood circulation, activation of aging epidermal cells to help epidermal keratin metabolism, eliminate wrinkles, dilute the pigment, enhancing Skin beauty.

2.Next is the balance up series that contain :
  • Treatment Essence Water (120ml) - The stream of hydro-rich essence deeply penetrates the skin and nourishes the underlying tissue. Its natural plant-based compound forms a shield of protective membrane over the skin that a youthful skin condition is regained.
  • Polypeptide Eye Serum (30ml) - Firm and fine skin around your eyes. Polypeptide Eye Serum fights all signs of skin tiredness, smooths the wrinkles, visibly reduces dark circles, lifts the eyelids and reduces other aging symptoms. The entire eye area will appear more youthful and firm by the ingredients it contains.
  • Hyaluronic Face Serum (60ml) -It contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and botanical enzyme technology to energize skin for a hydrated, bright and healthy-looking complexion.

3. Last will be the seal up series to protect our skin :
  • Peptide Eye Cream (15ml) - It contains a variety of precious botanical extracts that moisturize dry skin and relieve skin fatigue. Its anti-winkle essence concentrates to restructure the skin to achieve firmness and smoothness.
  • Peptide Face Cream (30ml) - The selection of a variety of precious botanical extracts and anti-wrinkle peptide essence prevent aging problems such as skin dryness, sagging skin, poor skin elasticity, wrinkles and enlarged pores.
  • Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 (30ml) - The SPF50 lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving a sensation of comfort and flawless skin quality. SPF50 Its function includes sun-blocking, skin tone regulating, pollution blocking, nourishing and moisture keeping. With the addition of truffles, it balances the skin condition for one full day.

I really learn a lot in the workshop. Thanks for the explanation and demonstration of Ginnie. After do the clean up all the pimpers are coming up to the skin for the purpose of detox. After all the bad toxic come out, we only start to balance and protect.

For more information, can refer to Ginn website and Ginn facebook.

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