Monday, October 2, 2017

Railroad Tigers《铁道飞虎》 Premiere on 8 October 2017

Railroad Tigers is a railroad action-comedy film directed by Ding Sheng featuring a team of guerrilla fighters, starring Jackie Chan, Huang Zi Tao, Jaycee Chan, Wang Kai and Wang Ta Lu. The railroad worker (Jackie Chan) and his ragtag group of freedom fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when they decide to ambush a heavily armed military train filled with desperately needed provisions. Unarmed and outnumbered, they must rely on their wits to battle an entire army. Set in 1940s China, the Railroad tigers attempt to humiliate the Japanese army by stealing their supplies in order to get food for the poor.

If you would like to watch Railroad Tigers all over again, please tune in to CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday 8 October at 9pm to catch this billion-dollar Chinese blockbuster!

For more details about Celestial Movies, click on to Celestial Movie Facebook or watch Celestial Movies Promo video.

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