Monday, October 16, 2017

The Huanted Hotel Movie Screening and Press Conference

Lomo Pictures proud to presents "The Haunted Hotel" movie screening and press conference at MBO Cinema Starling Mall. The movie is actually shoot at Genting Amber Court Hotel. The conference are divided to two parts. The first part is the sharing the production and story by:
  • Ryon Lee (Director)
  • Aron Koh (Producer)

They are really proud that they can collaborate with different country and able to bring Malaysia movie oversea. It kinds of special to promote malaysia in a way of horror movie. The movie will be screening in more than 8000 cinema in China. This is a good achievement for Malaysia movie industry. Good job!

This was the third horror movie by Ryon Lee and he think this is the harder movie for them to shoot as need to record in the cold weather which one of the shooting day is go below 11 Degree Celsius. They really put effort in the movie and hope this movie will be a success.

Second part is the sharing and interview by the following  casts :
  • Som Sushar (Thailand)
  • Teddy Chin (Malaysia)
  • Alvin Chong (Malaysia)
  • Nadia Aqulah (Malaysia)

All the actors are pretty and handsome, they have share their experience in shooting the movie. What are happening in the back scene and how they communicate in each other with different language when working with casts from different countries. They are nice, professional and hardworking.

After watched the movie, I really want give a thumb up for this movie. I wish to recommend all my friends and family to go watch it during this Halloween month. Get your tickets in any cinema in Malaysia from 19 October 2017(Thursday) onward. Let's feel the reality in the movie in the Cinema and challenge your fear! This is the movie that you can't be missed. Check out more detail of the movie below.

Movie Title : The Haunted Hotel
Language : Mandarin with some Bahasa Malaysia and English
Genre: Horror
Release Date : 19 October 2017 (Malaysia), 12 October 2017(China)
Presented by : He Media & Lomo Pictures
Production by : Lomo Pictures
Cast : Aom Sushar (Thailand), Li Chuan (China), Teddy Chin (Malaysia), Alvin Chong (Malaysia), Azman Hassan (Malaysia)
Director : Ryon Lee
Producer : Aron Koh & Ming Yi

Sysnopsis :
Ling and Lover Jun have the opportunity to come to Malaysia for work. At casino, they get to win a lot of money. Then Ling and Jun was forced to stay at "Haunted Hotel" accidentally, they began to make sweet journey into terror tremendous trip ... 

Watch movie thriller HERE.

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