Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tommee Tippee PESU Bottle Review

I have heard the brand of Tommee Tippee before where my parent friend said that it is good and recommend for me to use for my baby.  I have seen it few times in the Baby Expo as well. However, I never try this brand yet.

Tommee Tippee is one of the most trusted and recognizable baby brands in the world, loved by babies and recommended by generations of parents. It supplies a wide range of essential feeding, soothing and hygiene products for babies. Tommee Tippee’s goal is to design intuitive, innovative, stylish products to help mum embrace and enjoy the roller coaster ride of bringing up her baby.

I am lucky that to have a chance to try out the Tommee Tippee PESU bottle for my baby. The breast-like nipple on the feeding bottles makes it much easier to switch between breast and bottle feeding. My little ones love the soft silicone nipple, and the compact ‘waisted’ design is easy for grown-up and tiny hands to hold onto. The super sensitive valve also reduces air intake, helping babies to ingest more milk and less air - making it the perfect choice for baby.

Why Tommee Tippee choose PESU material? It is because PESU is an advance grade of thermoplastic polymers known for their toughness and stability in high temperature, and can withstand a maximum temperature of 180°C where normal PP bottles can withstand up till 110°C only. Unlike normal PP bottles where parents are advised to change the bottle every 3 months, PESU bottles can be changed every 5-6 months due to its better durability. 

The bottle comes in a natural honey-colored tint too! I like the bottle design and the color. It is easy to handle while feeding my baby. My baby drinks the milk well and less vomit after using the Tommee Tippee PESU bottle. It made my feeding job more easy and convenient. I will continue using it and recommend to my parent friends as well.

The price of Tommee Tippee PESU bottle 150ml pack of 1 is RM90 and 260ml pack of 1 is RM99.55. You may find it in major baby retail stores like Mothercare and selected Aeon and Tesco. For more information about Tommee Tippee, please refer to Tommee Tippee Company Group Website, Tommee Tippee Website, Tommee Tippee  Facebook and Tommee Tippee  Instagram.

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