Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dutch Lady 7-Day Milk @ Breakfast Challenge

Breakfast is important as it helps the body regulate itself after an overnight fast. Milk is a quick, protein-packed breakfast beverage. A balanced breakfast paired with milk is the backbone of a physically and emotionally strong family and advocating breakfast with Malaysia's No.1 milk : Dutch Lady Purefarm milk

Here is my one week 7 days of breakfast routine that pair with Dutch Lady Purefarm milk for your references.  I use to drink milk since i was a child and i will pair with the breakfast prepared by my parent. Now i am the one prepare it for my kids and me. An healthy breakfast let me full of energy to do all my work for a day.

Day 1 - Nasi lemak and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 2 - A piece of mooncake and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 3 - Homemade Kuey Tiew Soup with prawn and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 4 - Honey-coated wheat and corn puffs breakfast cereal and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 5 - Yee Mee soup and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 6 - Homecook meehoon with egg and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk
Day 7 - Porridge, salt egg with hotdog and a Dutch Lady Purefarm milk

Normally people like to drink coffee or tea in the early morning at breakfast. However, studies have shown that milk is the elixir our bodies need at breakfast. A glass of Dutch Lady Purefarm milk in the morning can help to provide at least 275mg of calcium. Not only that, milk contains a range of essential nutrients such as Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Calcium, Protein and Vitamins C, D, A and B. Milk packs more punch than just calcium. Dutch Lady Purefarm milk is also rich with essential nutrients which some cannot generate by our bodies. An example Protein, which plays one of the lead roles in our growth and development, such as the buklding of bones, muscles, and tissue. Vitamin A is crucial for healthy eye function, Vitamin B2 supports cellular functions that transform food to energy, and Vitamin D3 aids absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Studies show that many folks with lactose intolerance can tolerate up to 1 cup of milk and that it's even easier to digest when paired with another food. Milk contains about 85% water making it an effective thirst quencher after 8 hours of sleep, so it will be good we take it in the morning together with our breakfast.Malaysians are not getting enough calcium from their daily food intake. Nearly one in two children does not have adequate calcium intake, and the average intake of calcium among adults come up to less than half of our daily requirement.

Dutch Lady Purefarm milk is available at all major stores nationwide. For more information, please visit Dutch Lady Purefarm milk facebook page.

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