Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wings Musicafé 13YR ‘ONE LIFETIME YOU REMEMBER’ Anniversary

Beginning from the Wings Musicafé in Sri Petaling, the "13YR" Celebration Journey is proudly brought to you by Wings in collaboration with the KetchUp Community, the social community platform for ideal Café Social Spaces; and with OnFM as the Official Online Media.

We arrived at 7pm and it was already very crowded in front of the cafe. We are welcome with a friendly brother which are the Founder and the CEO of Wings Musicafé. They are nice and we take picture together.

This first event in a series of high profile gatherings will celebrate 13 years of Good Music, Good Food and Good Friends; for unforgettable moments shared on the same platform, on the same stage and at the same table. In line with our first theme of "Tribute to the Past" ~ we commemorate the former performers who once graced the Wings Musicafé stage, creating many happy memories through all these years and becoming full fledged musical talents in their own right.

Wings Musicafé is a casual dining social space specializing in live unplugged music, with a full selection of delicious dishes and community favorite beverages. In conjunction with the launch of their "13YR" campaign, Wings Musicafé is launching their new menu while recharging its culturally phenomenal music community.

We are served with good drinks, good foods while listen to go music on that day. We are served with two famous drinks which are “ Redang Wave ” (Blue colour) & “ Long Vacation ” (Green colour). Redang Wave is the iconic drink that inspired by the movie “ Summer Holiday ”, make you imagine jumping onto the Ice Cold Redang waves and feeling cool sensation feeling as you are at the beach when upon you tasting this drink. Long Vacation is their most popular special-mix drink.This green drink look so healthy and beautiful decorate with snowflakes op top of the glass, that is actually salt grains.

We are happy to have a chance to try the new menu in the event. Here the list of the foods we tried on that day:

Wings Bacon Salod RM13.90

Good appraiser before we go in to a main course, served with all fresh vegetables with the special homemade salad sauce.

Italian Bacon Risotto RM15.90

Special rice with cheese, it just taste awesome.

Bacon Carbonara RM15.90

A tasty carbonara which is one of my favorite spagati.

Viet Style Grilled Chicken RM21.90

A Vietnamese style grilled chicken with eggs and salads.

Double Cheese Chicken RM22.90

I like this dish so much as it is really delicious, you may go and try on your own.

Friendship Platter RM29.90

This is a good foods that you can order when you have a gang of friends trying to share when you are chit chat in the cafe. All of you can enjoy it while chit chatting.

This Celebration Journey is experienced in 3 stages from now till October ~ A Lifetime of Good Friends; Embracing Heart's Good Dreams; and A Future of Good Music.

An Audition Series for new musical talents will be held throughout this Campaign duration to discover 3 new Wings Idols, who will have the honour of showcasing their talent in the campaign finale i.e. the 13YR Grand LiveHouse which will be held in DPAC at the mid of November. Here the 3 judges that announced on the event which are Mr. Keon Chia, Mr. Jeffery Lim and Mr.Zac. They are being given the Black CD as a token of appreciation.

With OnFM as the Official Online Media, we now witness the continuing story of Wings Musicafé with the active reinvention of its menu offerings and its musical talent incubation initiatives.

Last but not least, our group photos for the event and also photos for my table. We really enjoy the event so much and thanks for the invitation.

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