Tuesday, September 13, 2016

InvolveAsia Affiliate Workshop & Nescafe Barista Machine Demo

I was joining the InvolveAsia Affiliate Workshop at the Lorem Ipsum KL recently. InvolveAsia is a platform that helps us to earn money or commission from our website and social media profiles by recommending products to our followers or visitors. The workshop was receiving a overwhelm response from all the bloggers.

They are more then 100 merchants either locally or internationally actually work with InvolveAsia to get their product promoted through the online platform. Some of them are Lazada, Nescafe, CatchThatBus, Shopcoupons, etc....

We are being brief on how to register and guide to generate the link to put in our blog. The steps mostly easy to follow and can be done quickly. They also told us some of the benefits when we sign up for the affiliate programs.

Not only that, one of the merchant Nescafe are invited to do the product demo at the workshop. Nescafe proud to presents to us their new Nescafe Barista Machine which will only launch on 14 September 2016.
With the  Nescafe Barista Machine, we can make variety of cafe style coffee : Latte, Espresso, Americano, Lungo and Cappuccino just at one touch.

They are showing us the steps to use the machine. The steps are just so simple:
  1. First, fill in the Nescafe Gold into the coffee box and fresh water into the tank
  2. Next, choose the coffee you like by pressing the corresponding button
  3. For Cappucino or Latte, pour a fresh milk or creamer you like
  4. Then enjoy your delicious coffee!

 I have tried to make a cup of Cappuccino on the spot. It just so simple and it taste awesome. You may try it on your own at home.

The merchants really generous to give us the Nescafe Barista Machine to use at home. Now i can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee before i go to work every morning. Thanks to Nescafe and InvolveAsia. I like the machine so much and it is easy to use.

You can start purchase the Nescafe Barista Machine at Lazada from 14 September 2016 onward. There are having a special launching promo where a Nescafe Barista Machine with a Nescafe Gold Blend 200gm Jars plus one Nescafe Gold Blend refill pack bundle only with the price of RM239. It is really worth it! Please click HERE to purchase the promotion items.

It is so convenient and easy for use which really suit for busy working people like me to just press a button. The machine also can be used in any company, office, event, etc....

For more information, please visit InvolveAsia Websiste.

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  1. Seem like very convenient to made coffee at home with this machine, thanks for sharing ^_^