Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Miss Malaysia Petite Universal 2016 Press Conference

The inaugural Miss Malaysia Petite Universal 2016 finals on 26 May is set to be a blazing affair.

Over 138 aspirants registered for the event but only 20 finalists will be selected for the final.

Organizer Irene Tan said it had been tough picking the finalists as all the aspirants were "beauty queen" in their own winning ways. She  said the response to Miss Malaysia Petite Universal 2016 had been overwhelming because majority of Asia women were small built. Tan said the Miss Petite would focus on intelligence, education and personality, pointing out that there would be no bikinis. "Contestants will be judged not only on external beauty but also on their inner beauty," she said.

The contest, which is opened to women between 18-27 years old, will see the top 3 winners winning scholarships to PORTMAN college each. The courses will be on event management, business and video/film production. Tan said the prize was a unique feature as the contest isn't about winning a tiara or cash but an opportunity to enrich oneself and to learn. Tan is also using social media to promote her event via the "Share, Tag and Win" concept. The "Share, Tag and Win" campaign will see I Tiara Productions giving out 200 complimentary tickets to the average family. Two tickets worth RM1000 will also be given to watch the final.

There will be 10 judges and varous sponsors PORTMAN college, Keep Slim, Lamode Artology Academy, Fion Poon International, Baddogz Studio, MakeUp Puzzle, Younique Image Venture, Zalora, L 'Epoque, Corporate Orient, Shoot.com.my, Dartlife, Facepics Studio and Benggy Yeong photography to grace this auspicious occasion. There will be approximately 600 guests of honor, VVIP or invited guests from various fields of businesses attending this glamorous event.

The inaugural Miss Malaysia Petite Universal 2016 finals will be held at Galaxy @HGH Convention Centre located in Sentul on 26 May 2016. For purchasing of VVIP tickets, please call Sam at 010-8997106.

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  1. Glad to attend their finale pageant competition to see all the beautiful Ms Petite Universal perform on the stage :)