Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Food Review: Sozo Japanese at Sunway Giza

Restaurant Name : Sozo Japanese Restaurant
Address : Sunway Giza Mall, No 2, Jalan PJU 5/15, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

I am pleasure to be invited by ENSOGO an online shopping website which is one of the top e-commerce platforms in Malaysia to do a food review at SOZO JAPANESE RESTAURANT at Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. Thanks Prema for the invitation. The environment looks great at the restaurant and the waiters are friendly. I have to thanks the restaurant manager Mr.Alex Tan (shown in the photo below) for his warm welcome to serve us.

The restaurant is having an Ala Carte Japanese Buffet mechanism where we just have to pay a fixed amount, and then we can order whatever I like from the menu. There are more than 100 varieties of Japanese favorites you can choose from the menu. Let’s see what I have eaten on that day. 

Free flow hot green tea, I can drink unlimited.

Hot Green Tea

Chuka Idako (seasoned baby octopus) RM6.90

Ebi Chawan Mushi (egg custard steamed in a tea bowl) RM5.90

Chawan Mushi ( egg custard steamed in a tea bowl) RM3.90

Fresh Sashimi and Sushi

Sashimi Moriawase 6 Kind (asorted 6 kind raw fish with salmon roe) RM59.60, it’s really fresh!

Salmon Sushi  RM5.90 and Maguro Sushi RM6.90, I like sushi!

Salmon Belly 6pcs RM18.90

My favorite Tuna Mayo Inari  RM6.90. Yummy! Yummy! 

Let’s try some special Maki and Roll

Special Soft Shell Crab Maki (mango, soft shell crab with Japanese style sauce) RM22.90

Unagi Rool RM26.90 (BBQ eel temago, kani stick with
teriyaki sauce)

Spider Roll (soft shell crab, bonito flakes, kani stick with mayonnaise sauce) RM19.90

Such a delicious rolls!
Now come to Agemono

Soft Shell Crab Karaage (fried soft shell crab) RM18.90

Unagi Tofu (BBQ eel & fried bean crud with sauce)RM8.90

I also ordered grilled dishes Yakimono

Saba Shioyaki (grilled mackerel with salt) RM16.90

Sanma Shioyaki (grilled pacific berry) RM15.90

Salmon Teriyaki (grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce) RM18.90

Shishamo 3pcs (grilled smelt fish) RM12.00

I did try some Chuka Ryori 

Kakuni (stewed selected pork with chef’s secret recipe) RM17.90

Chilli Scallop (fried scallop with chef’s special chilli) RM19.90

Gyoza (pork, assorted vegetables with various of spices) RM11.90

Kimchi Chashu (kimchi and chashu with sauce) RM12.90

Ebi Chili (prawn & onion fried with chili sauce) RM22.00

I have tried one Ramen to make my stomach full

Tokusen Tonkotsu Ramen (2 pcs kakuni, 2 pcs chashu, corn, fried garlic, seasoned egg, spring onion, with soup noodles) RM25.00

The Ramen taste good! Last but not least desert is free flow of different flavor ice-cream.

They provided wasabi, soy sauce, sweet sauce, chili oil and seven taste sugars as shown in the photo below.

Wah ! Guess what I have eaten the amount of foods that nearly RM400, such a full dinner on that night, I enjoy it so much. Good news to all Japanese food lovers, Sozo Japanese restaurant are having promotion now which you can purchase the coupon at HERE to enjoy all the Japanese food that you like. It really worth it for what you eat. 

Current promotion:
Weekday Lunch                              1 pax      RM48.90             2 pax     RM97.00
Weekday dinner                              1 pax     RM55.90              2 pax     RM111.00
Weekend Lunch/Dinner                  1 pax     RM63.90              2 pax     RM126.00

You have to act fast as the promotion is going to end soon. On that day, there was a group of people celebrating birthday for their friend and holding a party in the restaurant with balloon hanging inside. It is also a good place to have gathering and party while enjoying the good foods.  You may contact Mr.Alex (016-2219774) if you wish to organize any events or parties in the restaurant. Please go to SOZO JAPANESE RESTAURANT facebook for more details.

It is really a wonderful dinner night at SOZO JAPANESE RESTAURANT with my friends.  Hope to join more food review in the future.


  1. We will sure be returning here again and recommending this nice restaurant to all our friends!!!

  2. Yes, good food to share to All :)