Monday, June 6, 2011

Magical Musicals Behind the Scene

I am glad to be selected by All Malaysia Blogger Project (ambp) as one of the lucky blogger to attend the interview cast and crew for behind the scene Magical Musicals show that coming soon at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre. I am invited to go in their studio which is under the stage to see what actually happen for their rehearsal and practice. I am happy to meet Mr. Chris Colby & Mr. David Korts the producers of Magical Musicals. They are very nice and talkative. They introduce all the casts and dancers to us before the rehearsal. I am very impress to meet all the casts and dances also their costume.

Mr. Chris Colby are busy explaning to us

I am being seated to enjoy the magical musicals rehearsal by all of them. There are total 6 main casts and 10 dancers all together. The story is about the stories of 6 people in New York City around 60s, they make an appointment at Time Square to meet again 5 years time and see what will happen after 5 years. The 6 main casts are Megan (Stevie Tate Bauer), Ryan (Neil Couperthwaite), Stephanie (Amanda Salmon), Danny (Stephen Weller), Josh (Gareth Heesom) and Amber (Lj Neilson). They are playing 3 pairs of couples in the show. Megan and Danny are old couple that dream to leave their home town and plan to go to the Big Apple. However, Josh worships about the golden hair girls Amber which they going to be a couple. Another pair is Stephanie which is currently an actress in New York City and she is attracted with a shy guy Ryan.

6 main casts

There will be around 30 songs will be performed in the musicals such as Mamma Mia!, Dreamgirls, Fame, Saturday Night Fever, Moulin Rouge!, Grease, Footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and even the televised musical phenomenon, Glee! The rehearsal is awesome and enjoys some from the photos and videos below.

awesome dance!

After the rehearsal, I am being brought up to the stage to see how is the decoration of the stage. Most of the places already finished constructed on the stage which include Time Square, Houses and so on. I am surprise to see the 3 big fans on top of the hall. Chris said that they already improve a lot this time compare to the Peter Pans where they added 3 big fans and surrounding audio system to make sure everyone can hear nicely during the Magical Musicals.

All the bloggers are given a chance to ask question to the producers. Chris told us that the target audience for Magical Musical will be young people in Malaysia. The selling point of the musicals is all of the artists are from United Kingdom which the story portraits what happen for all the talent in the town. Nobody do this type of story for a musical yet. He thinks that it would attract more people to come and watch the show. The constructions of the stage are done in Malaysia and they train local dancers as well. They also use a lot of tools in the musical for examples laser light, umbrella and so on. Other then Malaysia, they will move the Magical Musicals to Bangkok, Thailand after this.

Taking picture on the stage at the theater scene

We all go back to the backstage and all the casts and crew are very willing to share to us their favorite costume. We are free to chat with them and taking photo. Since the time is limited, we will only able to see the second half of the show at the Gala Premium this Friday.

Favourite costume sharing session ^_^

Taking picture with Megan (Stevie Tate Bauer)

Cast & Crew of Magical Musicals

I am leaving the back stage and taking train to one of the restaurant at Sunway Lagoon to have some refreshments before end of the event. Nice food being served to all of the us. I am happy to meets a lot of friends during this event. Thanks ambp and Sunway Lagoon for inviting me for this exclusivity event. Ambp are running some contest to giveaway free Magical Musicals tickets. Please refer HERE for more detail on the contest.

Magical Musicals is produce by West End Production and will be showing at Amphitheatre Sunway Lagoon the whole week from 10th June 2011 – 17th June 2011. The ticket prices are RM300, RM250, RM200 and RM100. Grab your ticket before it’s too late! Please visit or for more info. Looking forward to the Gala Premiere on this Friday!


  1. Hi Christy. Glad you enjoyed the backstage trip to Magical Musicals. We have our first show tonight - wish us luck! :-) I hope you have a good time when you come to see it.

  2. Yes, you guys are awesome and i really enjoy the show!