Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Lantern Crops Party

I was attending Green Lantern Crops Party last Saturday with my friends. The party is at Artista Bar & Restaurant, Tropicana city mall. It is such a nice and romantic places.After register at the registration counter, the staff give us a green lantern tattoo at our hand and a fluorescent light stick before we enter to the restaurant.

The buffet dinner already served at the end of the restaurant. We find a lot of food serving by Artista include fries rice, fries kuey tiew, sandwich, popiah and fruits. The drinks provided is ice lemon tea. We enjoy our dinner there and very full thanks to Artista.

After having our dinner, it is a photo session as i saw a lot of big poster and banner of Green Lantern around the restaurant. I have snapped few photos showing below.

There are two Green Lantern characters which is the Green Lantern Hero and a girl walking around the restaurant to play game with the attendees and distribute the goodies bag for those manage to finish the mission. They also kind enough to let the public to take photo with them. Below is the photo i took together with them.

The host of the event announce the contestants of the Green Unite Hero contest at facebook. They all wearing all green items in their cloths creatively. The winner won the Green Lantern merchandise. There are a lot of games to play in order to win the merchandise.However, i didn't play any of it due to busy enjoying my dinner, chat with friends and taking photos.

It is singing performance from the band after the games. They sing very well and the guests are joining to play together with them as well.They are so cute.

The time past so fast and it is already 9pm where the end of the party. I really enjoy the party so much with all my friends. We are taking a group photo before leaving the restaurant. I hope there will be more this type of event in the future for me to hangout together with my friends.

Here are the goodies i received from the Green Lantern Crops Party:
  • Tropicana City Mall recycle bag x 1
  • Crocs recycle bag x 2
  • Crocs shoes cash voucher x 2
  • Otak-otak free coffee voucher x 2
  • Nature Valley crunchy granola bar x 1
  • Fisherman's Friend PRO fresh sweet x 1
  • Green lantern tattoos x 1
  • 3R photo i am taken with the green lantern poster x 1

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