Sunday, January 21, 2018

Champignons' Opening Ceremony at Oasis Damansara

I feel grad to be invited for the grand opening of Champignons restaurant recently. Champignons is located at Oasis Damansara which is named after the French word for mushrooms that are often used in western cuisine.

Congrats to the founder and chef Mr.Gary for the grand official opening of Champignons on 17 Jan 2018. The founder, Mr.Gary, a passion-ate foodie who has been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. Gary has worked in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland, London, Dubai and Macau. Their focus is on the quality of food, and to ensure that the food tastes excellent through sourcing the freshest ingredients, prepare carefully to bring out the best taste.

Champignons serves contemporary European dishes featuring selected,fresh Asian ingredients and flavors. Site in Oasis Damansara, this gourmet restaurant offers food with a focus on quality, led by a team of seasoned veterans who have explored cuisines from various corners of the world, including Switzerland, London, Dubai and Macau. Thanks Mr.Gary and his team that preparing all well decorated and delicious finger foods for the opening ceremony.

I was so tempted with the desert mushroom forest. You can just pick one of the mushroom to put in your mouse. All these special food are only prepared for the opening and special request for events or functions in future.

The ceremony was started by the opening speech and ribbon cutting. The opening look great with the lion dance performance. Wish Champignons always have a good business!

Let's visit Champignons  to enjoy the opening promotions:
  • Lunch - Every LIKE on Facebook and Instagram gets a cup of complimentary coffee or tea. (17/1/18 - 17/02/18)
  • Dinner - Every guest get complementary grilled US pork rib with plum sake glaze as amuse bouche. (17/1/18 - 16/3/18)
See you there! My food review is coming soon. For more information, please refer to Champignons Facebook!

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