Thursday, August 11, 2016

Miss, Mrs' World Prestige International Contest & Ambassador Honorary Launching Ceremony 2016

I am glad to have a chance to attend Honorary “Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International Ceremony 2016”media conference on 1st of August at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time Malaysia is organizing a world-class honorary award ceremony from a global perspective.

The media conference start at about 1.30pm with the introduction from the emcee about “Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International Ceremony 2016”. The pageant will be kicked off on 28th of November 2016. It is aimed to be on par with world-class’s Paris Fashion Industry ceremony.This grand ceremony is co-organized by World Prestige International, followed by every newspaper agency, Chinese Association for International Understanding, simultaneous with Malaysia, China, and Singapore.

It followed by the gambit launching where all the VIPs are invited to the stage to open the board, sign on it and cut the ribbons to indicate the launch of  “Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International Ceremony 2016”.
All of us are invited to go in the conference room and the events kick start with the catwalk show from all the beauties. Which one is your choice? All of them are pretty.
This pageant highlights the theme of “The Beauty of Great Love” in order to change unhealthy public perception about beauty contest and increase public awareness about it. Pageants possess with three qualities of beauty such as outward appearance, inner beauty and social contributions are qualified to entitle to the honorary title of Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International.

After that is the speech by Mr.Seow who is the representative from the charity group. World Prestige International will make charitable donations to Charity Group, and mobilize responses from the public to facilitate the development of Malaysia’s cultural beauty industry. This institution collects their donations through a social media platform and the donations will contribute to minority in the society such as old folk homes, orphanage homes, disability homes, and etc. The collected amount of donations is overt to the public with transparency.

There are three Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International ambassadors which are Mrs. Evvone Teh, Ms. Patricia Plavan and Ms. Barjor Angela. They are those who has social contributions, potential professionals who display with praise worthy responsibilities, nominated by well-known people and received recognition from committees and assessors.

All of them really very pretty and nice people. They are kind to let me take picture and take picture with me as well.

They shared their experience and encourage all the Malaysia women to take part in "Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International Contest" in their speech. We are free to ask question regarding the contest. Any outstanding Malaysian women aged from 18 years old and above are welcome to participate. Contestants may showcase their talents on stage through multiple rounds of contests and competitions in the contest. A play of “Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International Contest” regarding youth and enchantment will commence now!

The conference end with all the good food served by Shangri-La Hotel. It really taste nice!

The ceremony are supported by many VIPs such as JP LL Kong, Dato Sri IT Wong, Dato Sri Alan Tan , Dato Sri Simon Gan , Dato Sri Stanley Gan , Dato Sri Tan KokSwee , Dato Tan Boon Hock , Dato Lim, DatoAndrew LiewWahKeong , Dato William Tan, Dato Low, Dato Tong Tang , Dato Kelvin Khor ,Etc …

Yet exclusively invited successful entrepreneur, included Mr Tan Keng Kang, Mr Chang Sew Meng, MrVincent Chin, Mr Daniel Chua, Ms Ashley Wong , Mr Samuel Tham, Ms Fanny Chor, Ms Candy Lew and famous artist and singer to join our official launch , such as ; Mr Luis Tan, Mr Felix Choong Wei, Mr Andy Lok, Ms Mary Xia Ling Ling, Ms Jacqueline Teo, MsLiau Siew Lin, Mr Lawrence Chia, Ms Vivian Lea.


For those interested to purchase table seating of “Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International Ceremony 2016”. Please contact Ms. Jan Chan at 012-655 3133

For those who are interested to participate in “Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International Ceremony 2016”, please contact Ms. Cassandra Ng at 012-6101188

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  1. Look so great this event! Thanks for your kind sharing.
    Hope to get invite to watch the finale show to witness the new crown of “Miss, Mrs’World Prestige International " soon ^_^