Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Baby Must Have Skin Care Product - Yu Yee Oil Cap Limau

Do you heard on this product before? I know this product long time ago from my parent and family who have children or kids. The product have been in the market for around 130 years old. It is a trusted brand where i used it since my first baby and I am  having my third baby coming soon in June 16. My mum told me that i am also using this product when i am a baby, now it is my turn to use it to my baby. 

I just bought 4 botols of  Yu Yee Oil to use for review, it will be used for few months for my 2 kids now. The details of the product is in the following post.

Yu Yee Oil Cap Limau Description 

I highly recomended you to try out this product and my review will be coming soon in the post later.

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