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Enjoy Above the Hill - Resorts World Genting

I have spent my weekend at Resorts World Genting with my family. It is a good place to go with family during holiday. Thanks Resorts World Genting for the invitation. Our program started with "Behind The Scenes" Tour. It is divided into 4 sessions :

1. Genting International Showroom
Genting International Showroom where, the technical experts takes us through the management of back stage, lighting and sound control involved during a show or event. This will serve as an eye opener visit to us who are looking forward to learn something hands-on.

2. First World Hotel’s laundry
We are being shown to the First World Hotel's laundry next, the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia, spanning over 26,000 sq ft, produces up to 38 tons of linens per day. Experience how to operate the ironer feeder and learn to fold a shirt like a pro!
3. New See Do Eat Workshop
we are given a tasty treat in the new See, Do & Eat Workshop where we can make delicious bento with the chefs and create our doughnut masterpiece with different toppings and fillings! 

This is the bento and doughnut we made our self. It is cute and delicious. Yummy Yummy!

4. Horizon 50
Horizon 50 is the latest edition at Resorts World Genting. Its venue, a journey through time  spans over 16,000 sq feet, showcasing a glimpse of the past and current as well as great emphasis of what’s to come at the Resort. 

The idea of Horizon 50 was conceptualized in line with Genting's Integrated Tourism Plan where the Resort wanted to have a one-stop venue to share its history, its amazing scale of current operations and its construction of the many new and future projects with its visitors. Here are some of the phases and video that shared by Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, how he actually become a founder of Resorts World Genting.

The venue besides being informative also offers an ambience that creates a feel of modern futuristic atmosphere complemented by the surroundings of state-of-the-art technology, portraying the group’s global expansion and interest in technology. 

Inside, there are many activities for kids such as:
  • Meet & Greet Epic Characters
  • Epic Film Screenings
  • Warrior of the Forest Shap & Share Activity
  • Arts & Craft Activities
I am manage to meet and take picture with the characters and join the arts workshop.

Certificate will be given to those finish the tour. If you are interested to join the tour like me, please check the Tour Date, the fee are RM28/pax (non-member) and RM25/pax(Genting Rewards Member).

After finish the tour, it is already around 6pm which is the time to fill up our stomach.We are being bought to the Resort Seafood Steamboat Restaurant  at Level 1, Resort Hotel. At Resorts World Genting, the temperate weather is always perfect for Malaysia’s favorite one-pot comfort food: steamboat dining!The spacious setting and relaxed ambience takes the hotpot experience to a new level, far and above the sweaty mood of chowing in the lowlands heat.

No less than 20 different sauces are freshly prepared, every day. Diners can sample and mix a variety of unique flavors – from smoothly light soya sauce to premium oyster sauce, green chili sauce to fiery, slow-burning chili oil - that enhance the succulence and taste of their favorite steamboat items. 

The ultimate `kick’ in steamboat is the soup stock for dipping and cooking. Resort Seafood offers exciting contrasts  – spicy and nourishing – with tom yam and herbal chicken soup flavors in a `yin yang’ style black pot.

Let the good times roll, tossing in delicious morsels into the simmering broth. At Resort Seafood, all ingredients are freshly kitchen-prepared, straight from the market and aquarium, or airflown. Soups are additive-free.Temptation is hard to resist, with a spread of meats, seafood, vegetables and mushrooms and kitchen-fresh dumplings and balls, tossed in, to your heart’s delight.  It is truly a feast fit for a king – featuring wagyu sirloin, Denver lamb ribs, smoked duck and no less than 20 types of fish and crustaceans – topped off with gently-soaked Emperor’s noodles for a finale!

we end our dinner with an ice-cream + fruits steamboat, it  is a very special and tasty dessert being served to all of us.

Thanks Wei En help in taking a group photo of our table, we are the one that finish all the foods on the table. My daughter was sleeping while taking the photo, she feels tired since she did not sleep in the afternoon.

The restaurant seats 256 persons, so you definitely can find your seat. Below are the operating hours and selling price at  Resort Seafood Steamboat Restaurant.

Operating Hours :

Lunch (Daily)
12.00 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner (Daily)
6.00pm - 9.30pm

Selling Price :
Set Menu for 2 persons dining
Member – RM 98.00nett; Non-Member – RM108.00nett  
Set Menu for 4 persons dining
Member – RM 218.00nett; Non-Member – RM240.00nett  
Set Menu for 8 persons dining
Member – RM 456.00nett; Non-Member – RM502.00nett

It is always a good experience to enjoy hot Steamboat in a cool places like Genting. Remember to pay a visit to this restaurant when you are at Genting.For more details, you may call +603 6101 1118 or click HERE.

The last itinerary of the day is the Resort's new resident show namely "Superstars of Magic 4". It is the Asia’s largest magic variety show and it is into its fourth year running, and this year’s installment promises to be bigger—if not better than ever before.

Like suggested by this year’s theme, Magic of the East Meets West, the seven illusionists will demonstrate to their audience a comparative view of what magic is to different people—depending on whether they are from the East or West. They will also highlight how magic has evolved with technology. The audience hence can expect the show to be one breathtaking spectacle.

First off, there’s Germany’s Alana Moelmann, the new generation princess of magic, as she is often called. Alana’s act includes producing life human hands out of her leather jacket—and endlessly producing various items from her six hands!

From Taiwan, there’s Jeff Lee, an award-winning celebrity magician who performs with TV magic and modern music. Jeff takes pleasure in delighting his audience by speedily taking things out of his TV.

Ted Kim, from Korea, is another show-stopper. The current FISM originality act champion holder, Ted’s act is one of a kind and infuses modern screen mapping technology and LED projector technology. He’s a breath of fresh air in the field as he incorporates the latest video games and music to his act such as Super Mario Brothers. No doubt Ted is a winner among the younger generation.

Ted’s countryman, One Gun, is also among the hottest magicians in Korea—and beyond. He now performs his T-shirt act throughout the world. One Gun would literally step onto the stage in a casual T-shirt and jeans, and promptly stun his audience with his clothes that on their own keep changing in colour and type—right before the audiences’ eyes.

The two American illusionists in the show are Joseph Gabriel and Jay Mattioli. Joseph’s show is regarded as the Godfather of Dove Magic, and his show headlined broadway in the past. His act is said to be light years ahead of the classical dove act that we are all familiar with. 

Jay is a celebrity magician in his own right. He first made his mark as a finalist magician on America’s Got Idol (ACT), wowing America with his sense of comedy and charm. He ultimately climbed his way to the top 10 of America’s Got Talent.


Last but not least, there’s Shawn Farquhar from Canada, the current the International Brotherhood of Magician or IBM president has appeared on the Ellen Show and was one of the few magicians in the world who managed to fool Penn and Teller on their hit TV series. Shawn is acclaimed by his peers to be the sleight of hand artist of our time, and he proved this true when he won the FISM Close Up Championships of Magic in 2012.

Together, all seven illusionists will present a show on a scale never before seen in Malaysia. It was such a good international shows that i enjoy so much with my family. I am able to take photos with some of the magicians and they likes to play with my daughter. Not forget to take a group photos with all the magicians at the end of the shows.

Feel free to check out the video HERE! The show will be held at Genting International Showroom from 10th July 2015 to 25th October 2015, 8pm (Monday – Friday), 4pm and 8pm every Saturday and 4pm on every Sunday. Please check the Tickets Price and grab your ticket today!

Time flies fast when we are enjoying, now is the time to rest. We are going back to the new XYZ Deluxe Room located in the new Tower 2 Annex at First World Hotel,an extension to Tower 2.

The transformation that has taken place the last few years has seen great outcomes: new accommodation has been built, restaurants have been remodeled with more new ones to be introduced offering exciting dining experience. It will not be too long now before the eagerly awaited Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park is unveiled.

Phase One of the extension opened with 412 rooms and the balance of 874 is targeted to open soon, bringing the total to 1,286 rooms. The overall number of rooms at the hotel will ultimately be 7,351. This marks a new milestone from the time the first wing of the hotel opened in 2000. Back then it was designed as a basic hotel providing comfortable, clean and affordable rooms. But the demand for higher quality meant the hotel had to move with the times—and it did.



First World Tower 2 Annex has undergone about one-and-a-half years of planning and renovations at the cost of RM300 million—and guests can now expect a trendy and chic three-star hotel. From the moment the guest walks into the hotel, they would be impressed with the contemporary setting in the lobby, complete with 3D television visuals, chill music and a designer’s featured wall. 


Five-star service in three-star setting

Service will likewise impress: courteous and professional staff strive to deliver their best service. In line with growing trends, rooms are sold without breakfast as there are many options in the complex for guests to enjoy the meal of their choice. The signature Terminal 2 Café located in the lobby features freshly baked pastries, soups, snacks and beverages from 7.30am to midnight. Offering complimentary wi-fi, it is designed for those who are on the move but also has 48 seats for those wanting to dine in.

Functional, chic rooms
Elegant simplicity greets guests in their room. The new annex makes better use of space, compared to the initial two towers of First World Hotel. Designed to be functional but yet chic, the guest rooms come in lively and vibrant splashes of colour and design. The intention is to create a standard hotel experience: enhanced room interior that is centred on a great bed to ensure a good night’s rest.

Frosted lime green glass walls act as dividers between the toilet, shower and sink, and the wooden floor has a warm sand colour. The rooms come with either two single beds or a double, and an open hanging cupboard provides good storage space.

For refreshments, the usual kettle with tea and coffee-making facilities await on a spacious bench top. Other features that ensure convenience and comfort include a flat-screen television with in-house and local channels, telephone, mini fridge and a large laptop-sized in-room safe. 

Easy walking distance to the Indoor theme park
The First World Hotel is within easy walking distance to the various highlights of Resorts World Genting, namely Genting International Convention Centre (GICC), Horizon 50, Arena of Stars and the soon to be opened Sky Avenue Mall. Retail and dining outlets, indoor theme park and Cineplex are all easily accessible. And it is also within walking distance from the outdoor 20th Century Fox World Theme Park that will open in 2016.

If you would like to make a booking, kindly call +603 2718 1118 or visit the Booking Page.

It's time to say "Good bye" on the second day, I was unable to join the breakfast and the room inspection due to the early check out before 9am where i need to pack all my things. We are heading back to our home after check out. Overall, it was a good experience and enjoyable weekend even though the schedule is a bit tight. I highly recommend all of you to go with your family during this school holiday. Hope to join this type of review again and looking forward more review from Resorts World Genting in the future. 

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