Friday, December 20, 2013

Kinohimitsu Luau Party by The Butterfly Project

   Thanks to TheButterflyProject and Kinohimitsu to organize such a lovely and amazing luau party in the center of the KL town. We are able to enjoy the Hawaiian night party in Malaysia. I am very happy to see all the bloggers are dress in grassy and flowery style where it really a great experiences for us.

  Thanks to VillaManja Spa for the 10 minutes head and shoulder massage. I am too enjoying the massage until I am not taken any pictures during massage. The venue is clean, natural and calm. It was a great environment to relax and enjoying a spa.

   It was a launching of the Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster drinks in party as well. Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster drinks are a powder based product where you can choose either eat it directly or drink it. The benefits of the Bio-Booster drinks are just same like it’s name which contains symbiotic-organic that boost up the body's nutrient absorption power by more than 2 times. It proprietary blend and advanced micro encapsulation technology enable the host to obtain the optimal absorption of nutrients from food and supplements. Please check out the Kinohimitsu website for more detail regarding the products.

   We are given a card at the registration counter at the beginning of the events and we are asked to collect the stamps by going though the game in the booths that setup in the party. The first booth is to collect our goodies bag which is sponsor by our kinohimitsu. The second booth is the explanation about what types of drinks that kinohimitsu did provide and their products categories. The third game that we are going to play is the lucky spin wheel. You win whatever stated in the wheel after you spinning.  Thanks god, I am getting one of the “Grand Prize” from the spin wheel games which entitle me to win the kinohimitsu product and the spa treatment from Villa Manjo total worth RM348.

The forth booth is preparing all the kinohimitsu drinks to let us taste on it. The drinks look impressive and taste good. We are asking for more drinks however it is only limit to one person per drinks. Haha…. It was a beautiful and colorful luau cup cakes being serve beside the kinohimitsu drinks in case you want to have some desert after the drinks. The cup cakes are just so attractive until I am not willing to eat it.

   We are being served by a delicious BBQ food buffet dinner in the party. The chef is busing BBQ the stay, sausage, fish and the chicken chop. We eat until we are full so we have the energy to enjoy the party to the max. Other then the good food, it was a dance performance as well conducted by the celebrity fitness dancer. The performance is awesome.

   Thanks to for the unlimited photo shooting and printed copies of photo. The photo looks so pretty with all the Hawaiian feeling and different choice of funny items. Below are some of my pictures. I love it so much!

   Highlight to the night is the announcement of the winner of the instagram photo contest, the 3 best dress of the night and the 3 grand prize winners. Here is the result of the 3 best dress winner of the night. They really dress in Hawaiian style with their own DIY glassy dress and flower head decorative. They deserve to become the winners.

    Next is the 3 grand prize and I am luckily as one of the winner of the grand prize. Big Prize #2 is me :) Thanks to all the sponsors TheButterflyProject, Kinohimitsu, Villa Manja Spa and You guys are the best brands. I love you all.

   Here is what I get from the party: the goodies bag plus the prize.

    Finally, it was a great experience attending this party where this is the first butterfly event I attend. As a new butterflies, I  see how good is the butterfly event and the most important I meets a lot of new butterflies friends which also have the same interest as me blogging. We kept on chit chatting for everything. I hope I will have more chance to join more butterfly events in the future.

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