Monday, August 15, 2011

The Body Shop Malaysia Flash Mob

The Body Shop Malaysia Flash Mob

I am register and joining the The Body Shop Malaysia Flash Mob last month. This is the first time I am joining flash mob where required me to learn the steps to dance. I learn the steps from the video at the website as I have no time to join the class in the studio because of work.

We are required to register at The Body Shop at Pavillion around 3.30pm. We are given a sticker and a hand tag. The first mob is start around 4pm at the water fountain main entrance Pavillion. A team of people that wearing the green color T-Shirt from The Body Shop are leading the mob to start. I saw many people are doing the dances together and we enjoy the flash mob together. Since I am dancing so there are no photos taken when I am dancing. The mob is around 20 minutes.

The next location for the flash mob is in from of The Body Shop at Farenheith88 which is start around 4.30pm. We do the same things here to perform the dance. The dances consist of 5 parts which is quite easy to learn and can be learn by the public easily. I saw some of the public just join our dance even though there are not register the flash mob. It was a great scene to saw everyone to dance together in front of the shop.

After finish the mob, the team that wearing the green The Body Shop T-shirts still having fun to dance inside the shop. Below is the picture while they are dancing in the shop after the flash mob.

Dancing in The Shop

I am able to capture some video for their dancing in the shop to share to my reader.

The Body Shop Flash Mob Video

For those register for the flash mob, we are able to redeem our free gift using our hand tag that given during registration. I just go and redeem my goodies after the flash mob. Since I am a blogger, I also get a T-shirts from The Body Shop. Below are the free gifts I received after this flash mob. I hope to join more The Body Shop event in the future.

The Body Shop Flash Mob Goodies

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  1. nice sharing...plannning wanna go for 2013 or not...never join b4