Thursday, January 31, 2019

Things To-do For Raising kind kids

All parents want their kids to be kind. Kids are just like a piece of white paper and the parents have the power to guide and shape them to be good and kind in the future. We can encourage our kids to do some things that are able to train them to become kind since they are young.

Family should stay together to be strong. My older daughter always helps me to take care her siblings most of the time. She has learns how to take care youger kids at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, so now she practice it in the real life. It is important for them to have the bonding time to bring their relationship closer. They learn to share their toys and play together. I also want them to be independent and self manage so that I have train them to eat themselves and clean their toys together. These allow us to live in a harmony environment.

We should feel sympathy to animals and underprivileged human. I allow my kids to feed the rabbit so that they know taking care a pet is not easy and it is actually a big responsibility to have a pet. They should not chasing, bully or do bad things to the pet anymore.

It is important to let the kids know the importance of team work. My kids have joined a lot of team activities at KidZania Kuala Lumpur to share their knowledge and skills together to make the work finish faster and mix around with friends. They have no problem to communicate or to mix with friends in their school or public.

My daughter is ambitious to become a doctor in the future. She told her teacher and me that she wants to save people’s life and rescue people that are in pain. I really happy with what she is saying and made to a point that she will contribute what she can to other people in the future.

I also bring my kids to join charity events and campaigns such as the WePro run and the Plant tree campaign. The WePro run that have the slogan "We Before Me" which means we have to think of other before ourselves. Plant trees will save our environment. It is to let them know how we can contribute to the community and make the world a better place to live. I would always ask them not to simply throw the rubbish. They must throw the rubbish in the dustbin, this is the little effort that we can all come together to ensure the environment is clean.

I always tell story to my kids before beds to learn all the good moral value from the story. I just bought a lot of books from the big bag wolf book sales for them to read. I would like them to cultivate reading into a habit to gain more knowledge and to learn all the great values from the books. Kids that like reading mean to be kind.

Being a kind kid need to share their kindness to the community. KidZania Kuala Lumpur has a caring project named KidZania CongreeZZ Kids which will participate in charity event for underprivileged group every year. I brought my kids to join the Sports Day event for the children of Lighthouse Children Welfare Home last time. My kids, KidZania CongreZZ members and the children teamed up to participate in a variety of sports, games and activities. For more information about KidZania CongreZZ, please refer HERE.

In conclusion, parents play an important role in the early childhood, we are the role model and influencer for the kids directly. We should teach and guide them to do the right things. It is important to let them know what is correct and what is wrong so they can behave properly when they growth. As a parent, we need to spare our time to spend together with our kids no matter how busy we are. Raising kind kids is every parent’s responsibility!

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