Saturday, April 15, 2017

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review

For girl, we tend to remove all unwanted hair from our body such as eyebrow, underarms and bikini line. Normally we will go to beauty salon to get the beautician to do for us. It cost a lot of money as this task is really frequent in our life. Definitely all girls have tried to remove it on their own. All the while I was scare to trim my own hair because it is hard to do it on our own which will cause hurt accidentally and hard to get the shape or look that I really want. I wish to have a good trimmer with high precision, gentleness and convenient.

Thanks to World’s No. 1 depilatory brand Veet has launch the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer that allow me to trim my hair easily now. Veet Sensitive Touch really care of us to design various detachable heads and combs for different parts. There are 2 heads: 2-sided trimming head and bikini trimming head.

2-sided trimming head consists of 16mm & 6mm which were especially designed for optimal eyebrow shaping come together with a 2mm & 4mm comb attachment to uniform hair length. It allows me to shape and style my eyebrows more precisely.

For desired eyebrow length just trim them, place the device on the eyebrow and move it against the direction of hair growth. After that, for perfect eyebrow contouring, remove the comb and use the high precision head. Touch skin lightly and push it across the eyebrow.

I can do it fast and nice, it really so easy for me to do for my two eyebrow where the cutting blades do not touch my skin, so no fear for me to cut now. I can quickly touch-ups my eyebrow anytime and everywhere. My eyebrow look great and neat just like what i want for the shape. I become more confident and looks great with a good eyebrow everyday. This head not only to trim my eyebrow, I also use for other part on my face such as upper lips.

The bikini trimming head is 20mm with a comb to uniform the hair length. Not only trim, the comb is help to shape the hair to make it look tidy and neat. For bikini line and underarms, use the larger head to trim. To shape it use the comb and choose the desired length, touch skin lightly and move the device to the opposite direction of hair growth. The result was amazing where all my underarm hairs are being removed.

After uses the heads, the cleaning brush allow me to wipe away the dust or hair left on the head. The heads can be directly rinse with clean tap water and wipe it after cleaning. To maintain the heads, it is recommended to add 1-2 drops of lubricating oil to the blades and switch on for 2-3 seconds in order to ensure lifetime of the blades.

The main body of the device is not washable to avoid risk of damage caused by contact with water. The gadget is using electricity with AA battery inside. To on or off the device, just need to twist the main body to activate or deactivate it.

The devise is easy to keep because it is small just like a toothbrush and the product come together with a beauty punch. The heads can be covered and protected with a styler cap to avoid damage to it. Everything can just put inside the beauty punch and put in my bag to carry to everywhere.

I highly recommend all my friends and family to use this device. You will like it once you use it!
For more details, please visit Veet Malalysia Official Website or Veet Malaysia Facebook.

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