Sunday, February 11, 2018

CNY Luncheon at Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and the CNY mood are on going now. Still thinking of where to have your reunion or family dinner during CNY? You may go and visit Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar!

Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, a reputable 5-star hotel chain under the Accor Hotels Group, celebrates and appreciates bloggers in a ‘Happiness & Prosperity Luncheon’ hosted at its Chinese restaurant, Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant. I am glad to be invited to enjoy a great and delicious foods there with a group of friend.

Accor Hotels is a group united by a shared passion for hospitality and driven by a shared promise to make everyone “Feel Welcomed”. Over 180,000 women and men in nearly 3,800 Accor Hotels establishments look after thousands of guests every day in 92 countries. Accor Hotels is the world's leading hotel operator and offers its customers, partners and employees.

The luncheon is graced by Ms Angeline Chooi, Marketing & Communications Manager of Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar with the symbolic gesture of tossing yee sang.The first dish is Snow Pear & Salmon Yee Sang. All of us enjoy the moment of tossing the yee sang with all the prosperity greeting.

Second dish is Double Boiled Song Ji Mushroom Broth with Conch Slice and Chicken. The soup is delicious. I like it so much.

Next is Steamed Giant Pearl Dragon Grouper with Shredded Ginger. The fish meat is soft and the taste is just nice.

Our main dish of the day which is the signal CNY must eat dish Braised Assorted Sea Treasure in Bamboo Basket which consists of abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, chinese mushroom, prawn, smoked oyster, waxed duch, roasted duck, chinese cabbage and broccoli. It was great dish, you have to try it your self!

Chinese culture that we must eat rice so come the turn of Sumptuous waxed Duck Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaves. The rice is very nice which is one of the best rice I ate.

The special Homemade Carp Fish Nian Gao and Double Boiled Soy Mik with Snow Fungus Lotus Seeds and Sea Coconut are served together at the end. This is the unique Nian Gao that i saw with the shape of two fishes meaning "年年有余,步步高升" in the new year.

Chef Chen Choy Soon, Assistant Chinese Chef of the Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, shares his words and approach, “It is indeed our pleasure to share our Happiness & Prosperity Feast in conjunction with the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration with many blessings to all. Being a chef throughout the years have thought me a lot and especially to detail to my cuisine, what makes the Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant special is our aim to always serve fresh food with dishes made from quality ingredients. We like to innovate and our Chinese New Year Set Menu is all about finding balance”.

Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant Chinese New Year set menu consist of 3 main selections the Gold Prosperity, Platinum Prosperity and Diamond Prosperity sets starting from RM1200nett and available until 2 March 2018.

Reservations can be made by contacting +603.2298.1888 ext 5100 or email to HERE.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mister World Prestige International 2018 Grand Final

Mister World Prestige International Grand Final is held in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya on 25 January 2018. The commonly expected "International Honorary Master of The World in 2018" will live up to people’s expectation and take the hot top ten candidates of “Man” together into the river of fantasy with you. This time, the candidates election for the “Man” are no less than the ordinary beauty campaign, on the contrary, exploring the world's great potential of stylish men from the world's international reputation campaign. Today, let’s witness the success of Mr. Victory to be listed in management talent of World Prestige International reputation as one of the artists.

The general assembly expressed gratitude for the sponsorship as honorary sponsor of Vintage Collection International , which made the 2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand finals successfully complete. They are the main sponsor of today’s event for Mister World Prestige International. Vintage collection was founded in 1996, and it is mainly tailored for evening wearing and senior executives. Its unique evening dress collection creates a timeless style of evening wearing, which has created the fashion trend of the never-out-of-date evening dress. At present, the Collection has three experienced high fashion designers from all over the world to tailored in person, designed and make for the current female fashion departments. With the day after day, year after year, the orders are increasing daily. It also laid a solid foundation for the fashion team behind its silent cultivation and consolidates the brand support for the fashion art.

Daniel fenadon, chief designer, said: "entering its 11th anniversary this year, the show has expanded from personal design and limited edition customization to a large number of evening retail stores with years of experience and tries to diversify. Let more women wear Vintage collection in honor to attend all kinds of large and small dinner, prom and red carpet, dressing well to show the invitees their attentions on the banquet.”

World Prestige International advisor Mr. Eugene Roy said: "The World Prestige International is the number one beauty contest organizer for many years of pageant’s activities, through quality teams and campaign coverage across the country to provide comparisons with the international all-round state station and the international high-flexibility campaign, dinner and party. World Prestige International organizers dedicated to providing superior and fair campaign performance, exclusively improve the quality of the pageant campaign, caring for the sponsored businesses for different stages of sponsorship businesses partner to create and bring incomparable marketing effect. This platform through a variety of professional training, sincerity for the beauty of the perfect candidate to open up the journey on stage. Co-renowned Campaign and Diversity of Commercial Brands Strong Win-win Cooperation with Changing Market Demand."
The charismatic candidate uses this lofty stage to show off the world's Top Ten International Reputations and to continue to train and strengthen their physique to become the next best champion, to be invincible and enjoy the constant victory with their opponents. Each bright light, shining like the sun, one by one alternately show the broad and charming shoulder muscles, also appear to be light pace in the steps. The riders in armor gradually radiate interesting and humorous talents at the end of the spectrum. The audience saw and clapped their hands to give strength, and the force was not inferior to the semi-final jury's vision of looking for a high standard of fierce general.

Congrats all the winners of the night!
Grand Winner ~ contestant 3 : Ali afshar ( Iran )

1st Runner-up ~ contestant 9 : Sam Len Han Zhen ( Malaysia )
2nd Runner-up ~ contestant 7 : Mosi ( Iran )
3rd Runner-up ~ contestant 1 : Steven Lee ( Malaysia )
4th Runner-up ~ contestant 2 : Vernon David Apostol
Mr Perfect Body ~ contestant 4 : MD
Best Posture ~ contestant 10 : Avesta
Mr Popularity ~ contestant 6 : Firdavs Kurbonov
Mr Friendship ~ Contestant 5 : Dr Syed
Best Photogenic ~ contestant 8 : Jordan Tan

The behind-the-scenes staff of the World Prestige International organizers has been working hard to quickly launch the campaign recruitment in a short period of over two months to find the right sponsor side by side to successfully open today's press conference and select the strongest and most outstanding 10 candidates. The Congress takes this opportunity to thank all the sponsors who assisted the World Prestige International and the contestants who participated in the Mister World Prestige International 2018 .The usual co-sponsor of the shooting venue includes Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya , who providing the venue for the solo album shoot of this year's contestants. There is also major clothing sponsorship: Vintage Collection. Followed is Bag & Shoes sponsorship: Fion Poon Exclusive. And other Silver sponsor are : Hairstyle team:Peek-A-Boo Hair Profesional ; Makeup team:Gelly Wee Makeup, model trainer: Character International Modeling Academy & Agency, shooting team : VOUGE Production.

The next campaign is in full swing with nominations of : Miss World Prestige International, Mrs World Prestige International , if you have friends who are eager to try, remember to stay tune to the social media of World Prestige International, perhaps you are one of our Grand Winner . Interested participants or any sponsor that looking for colaboration may contact: Ms Cassandra Ng: 012 - 6101188.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Champignons' Opening Ceremony at Oasis Damansara

I feel grad to be invited for the grand opening of Champignons restaurant recently. Champignons is located at Oasis Damansara which is named after the French word for mushrooms that are often used in western cuisine.

Congrats to the founder and chef Mr.Gary for the grand official opening of Champignons on 17 Jan 2018. The founder, Mr.Gary, a passion-ate foodie who has been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. Gary has worked in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland, London, Dubai and Macau. Their focus is on the quality of food, and to ensure that the food tastes excellent through sourcing the freshest ingredients, prepare carefully to bring out the best taste.

Champignons serves contemporary European dishes featuring selected,fresh Asian ingredients and flavors. Site in Oasis Damansara, this gourmet restaurant offers food with a focus on quality, led by a team of seasoned veterans who have explored cuisines from various corners of the world, including Switzerland, London, Dubai and Macau. Thanks Mr.Gary and his team that preparing all well decorated and delicious finger foods for the opening ceremony.

I was so tempted with the desert mushroom forest. You can just pick one of the mushroom to put in your mouse. All these special food are only prepared for the opening and special request for events or functions in future.

The ceremony was started by the opening speech and ribbon cutting. The opening look great with the lion dance performance. Wish Champignons always have a good business!

Let's visit Champignons  to enjoy the opening promotions:
  • Lunch - Every LIKE on Facebook and Instagram gets a cup of complimentary coffee or tea. (17/1/18 - 17/02/18)
  • Dinner - Every guest get complementary grilled US pork rib with plum sake glaze as amuse bouche. (17/1/18 - 16/3/18)
See you there! My food review is coming soon. For more information, please refer to Champignons Facebook!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Herbalife Nutrition Encourages Malaysians To Start Their Day Right With A Healthy Breakfast

Herbalife Nutrition has embarked on a healthy breakfast campaign to help raise awareness of the issue of obesity plaguing the country. With obesity levels in Malaysia at an all-time high, it is evident that awareness is vital to help inculcate better eating habits among Malaysians.

“The obesity rate in Malaysia has been steadily increasing over the years,” said Sridhar Rajagopalan, Sub-Regional General Manager, Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia & Singapore. “It is of the utmost importance that we start taking action to curb this problem, as obesity is associated with many negative health effects, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes and high blood pressure – all of which reduce quality of life.” 

According to Dr. Julian Alvarez, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, the first meal of the day is essential as it sets the tone for the day. Breakfast-eaters usually have healthier eating habits throughout the day, which results in a positive impact on their overall health, better weight management, as well as improved disease prevention from having the right nutrients. 

“The recommended amount of kilojoules that a balanced breakfast should provide is 15%-25% of the total daily energy intake. This range will vary according to the person’s age, sex, daily energy requirements and lifestyle,” he said.

“Skipping breakfast has been associated with poorer diet quality, increased central adiposity and cardio-metabolic risk factors. It can also lead to overeating during different parts of the day, whereas a quality breakfast, with the right amount of protein and other nutrients, can potentially enhance the metabolic and hormonal responses of individuals, and consequently decrease total kilojoule intake during the rest of the day,” he added. 

In line with Herbalife Nutrition’s purpose of helping people live healthier and happier, the campaign also encourages Malaysians to exercise more, and avoid succumbing to the trap of becoming sedentary.

“One of the key contributors of obesity in Malaysia, aside from food consumption, is the fact that we do not engage in as much physical activity that we should. In the past, playing football and cycling around the neighbourhood was just a part of daily life. However, with increasing urbanization, there have been significant lifestyle and dietary changes – leading us to gain weight and become unhealthy,” said Steven Chin, General Manager, Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia. 

“Whilst the obesity trends can be worrying, Malaysians need to bear in mind that there are ways in which they can combat this. By eating right, especially at breakfast, and through enough physical activity, a healthy active lifestyle can be achieved,” he added.

As part of this campaign, Herbalife Nutrition, the #1 brand in the world in meal replacement and protein supplements combined*, launched the Healthy Breakfast Pack at their annual kickstart Spectacular event with about 5,000 attendees. The Pack is made up of the Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Protein Drink, Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mix and Tea Mix. 

The Healthy Breakfast Pack makes an ideal combination as the low-glycemic Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Protein Drink provides quality protein, fibre and carbohydrates to kick start the day, whilst Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mix aids nutrient absorption as well as supports a healthy digestive system. To round it up, Tea Mix, which contains naturally occurring caffeine, serves as a low-calorie alternative to providing an energy boost. 
For more information, please refer to Herbalife Official Website.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mister World Prestige International 2018 Semi Final

Mister World Prestige International(WPI) 2018 Semi Final just held at Pullman Lakeside Hotel at Putrajaya on 16 December 2017. 

There are total of 18 contestants that successfully seleceted to join the semi final. They need to compete with each other to get selected to Mister World Prestige International 2018 grand Final party that is going to happen on Jan 2018 at one fo the famous club at KL. There are only Top 10 finalist qualify to the grand Final. 

This is the international reputation of the WPI organizers intentions to host a popular admirers Top 10 finalist of the party. Just as every finalist has the courage to open an unknown journey, this process will guide them into the illusion of the river. Yet, takes places with extraordinary charisma to where he wants to arrive and achieve.

WPI has outstanding finalist on this lofty stage, world renowned international organizers to set the platform exhibited for candidates, well train their physical fitness and no one featured and performance characteristics of talent on stage. One after another to show a broad and charming shoulder muscles with spread courage.

Ms. Kimberley Claire Mah Miss World Prestige International champion was the emcee for the day. She also playing a role as one of the judges. 

The list of the judges invided including :
Ms. Joclyn See - 2016 Miss World Prestige International 1st runner-up
Ms. Kimberley Claire Mah - 2017 Miss World Prestige International champion
Ms. Gharam - 2017 Miss World Prestige International 1st runner-up
Ms. Patricia Plavan – Miss World Prestige International ambassador 
Mr. Jesh Thiam – Mister World Prestige International ambassador,
Mr. Vincent Siow - Rev Publika Fitness Trainer.

Each of the contestant need to introduce themself and answer a question from the judges followed by a catwalk on the stage. The contestants are being judge based on their personality, appearance and response on the Q&A.

Here are the hot list for the Top 10 finalist just selected :

contestant 1 : Steven Lee ( Malaysia )
contestant 2 : Vernon David Apostol ( Philippine )
contestant 3 : Ali afshar ( Iran )
contestant 4 : MD ( Sudan / Egypt )
contestant 5 : Sam Kilani ( Syria )
contestant 6 : Firdavs Kurbonov (Tajikistan )
contestant 7 : Mosi ( Iran )
contestant 8 : Jordan Tan ( Malaysia )
contestant 9 : Sam Lee Han Zhen ( Malaysia )
contestant 10 : Avesta ( Iran )

Congratulation to all of them and hope to see their great performance in the grand final later.

Mister World Prestige International 2018 is now open to find the right sponsors as collaboration partners. Any interested brand please contact Ms  Cassandra Ng at this number 012-6101188.