Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feature on CLEO Magazine Nov 2010 Issue

I am very happy that i was featured on the CLEO Magazine November issue 2010 under the "Her Say" section with the question of "How do you know a guy is into you?". I gave my view and it is posted out with my photo. The topic for that page is "In Love or Obsessed with you?". Thanks CLEO magazine to give me this opportunity.

It was really good that my sister sanny also feature in the same issue on CLEO November 2010 together with me in the same magazine. She has been chosen as one of the tester for Hada Labo product by cleo and require to give a comments on her favorite products of Hada Labo and do photo shooting. She has the whole set of Hada Labo products as a gift for this appearance in the CLEO Hada Labo sections. It is such a great experience for my sister and me to be featured in the CLEO magazine November issue 2010. Thanks CLEO magazine! ^_^

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sasa Fashion on the Turf Day

Event : Sasa Fashion on the Turf Day
Date : 31st October 2010 (Sunday)
Venue : Selangor Turf Club
Time :12pm - 5pm

I reached this event quite late which is around 2 something as i am having my buffet lunch at Shark Fin House from 11.30am-1.30pm. I rush there with my friends after the buffet and found that the registration counter already closed. Luckily the staff there calling the person in charge came out to give us the entry tags. I was unable to get the key chain since i'm late for the event.The event is organized by Turf Club and Sasa. It is sponsored by Da Ma Cai, Astro, JRA, Mitavite, The Mines, Cycber colors, Citta Bella etc.

There are foods and drinks provided there but we already full after the buffet, but i came is to enjoy the SaSa horse racing match. The Turf Club has full with man who are watching the horse racing game, but all the ladies are served in the VIP room on the top floor. The room is air-conditioner and can view the whole racing field. The host for the turf day is Ms Lynn Lim. She is wearing a read color skirt with her elegant hat. There are also makeup demonstrations by Sasa make up artist for the models. The best 5 dress ladies are choosing for the prizes and Kelly Chin is one of the winner. Congratulation to Kelly. They is also free shoulder massage by Philip Wain.

There are game to guess the winner of the SaSa horse racing match. After the race, the winner of the SaSa horse racing match is number 4. The lucky draw is drew from the box who choose number 4. I am guessing wrong. The events end after the lucky draw sharp on 5pm. The goodies bag will only be given at the end of the event before we leaving using the tag in our hand. Let see what we get:
1 x Sa Sa recycle bag
1 x Sa Sa cosmetic bag
1 x Sa Sa cosmetic pouch
1 x Philip Wain free facial plus massage voucher
1 x Philip Wain 1 week membership voucher
3 x Philip Wain RM100 treatment voucher
1 x Collagen drinks
1 x Sasatinnie nail color
1 x Sasatinnie wet wipes
4 x Sasatinne tissues
1 x Collistar body scrub

Thanks Sa Sa & Turf Club for organizing the event and the goodies. I really enjoy this event and will join again next year. For more detail please refer my event blog form the link below:

iFeel SaSa Girl Search 2010

Event : iFeel SaSa Girl Search 2010
Venue : Berjaya Time Square
Date : 30th October 2010
Time : 12pm - 4pm

I went to the event in the morning because there are a lot of goodies to redeem with purchasing of iFeel Magazine. Even i arrive around 10 somethings but i already saw a queue at most of the redeeption counter. I already purchase the iFeel magazine earlier from Border to get the free collagen, so i just bring it to redeem the iFeel goodies bags. There are 2 goodies bags given by iFeel Magazine which consist of a lot of things inside. Beside that, there are a lot of coupons inside the iFeel Magazine which allow you to redeem a free gift from the sponsors. Let see what i get from the redeemption on this event.

1 x iFeel goodie bag
1 x Monz goodie bag
1 x Spritzer goodie bag
1 x Ginvera shampoo
1 x Nivea caring lotion
1 x Nivea whitening cell repair
1 x Fabula collagenMax drink
1 x Colgate plax
2 x Sasatinnie extra precise eyebrow liner
1 x ColourVue eyelence box
1 x Yume choclate
2 x Sarsi can
2 x Spritzer drink
1 x Fibre dirnk
2 x Tinge drink
1 x Pop key chain
1 x Garabineer holder key chain
1 x Express manicure
1 x Free make up voucher from Diva
1 x 恋爱份子mask
1 x Zow zow maggie mee
2 x Corntoz snack foods
1 x Relax sweet box
2 x Smint & Gum
1 x Yumi RM20 cash voucher
1 x BarBQ Plaza RM10 cash voucher
1 x Larrie RM10 cash voucher
1 x Mono RM10 cash voucher

It is really a lot of goodies and very heavy to take all this goodies. Luckly my friends are helping me. Beside that, if you being an iFeel facebook fans on the spot and leave a comment on the spot. You will receive this handphone bag. There are two colours which is blue and pink and i am able to get the pink color one. I like it so much. Thanks iFeel for all the goodies and i really enjoy the show.

Other then that, i am able to register as one of the contestant for iFeel cover girl search which is only limited to 15 girls to participate. I proceed to the Sasa counter for the makeup by Sasa Makeup artist. The photo is the makeup artist that doing the makeup for me.

I am proceeding to lucido counter to do the hair stying and last i back to the iFeel counter for the photo shooting. I like the makeover provided by iFeel, it is really make me look great. We are told that to come back 4pm in order to took our iFeel cover photo hard copy. The result will only out in the December issue.

We went to lunch while waiting the photo ready and there are iFeel SaSa girl search going on where each of the girl need to do performance and answer questions to win the contest. There are lucky draw as well. My friends are so lucky which is being pick as one of the lucky draw winner to win the RM100 lucido hair product. Congratulation for her

There are 4 judges for this comptetion which are Lynn Lim and few other judges. After all the girls has finish the performances and question and answer. Finally the result for the iFeel SaSa girl search 2010 is out. Below are the result for iFeel girl Search 2010. All of them look pretty and great.

After the iFeel SaSa Girl Search result is out where the show is finish, i proceed to the iFeel counter to get my iFeel cover photo. I like the photo very much. I really enjoy the event so much with a lot of goodies and performance. Thanks iFeel !

For more detail on this event, can refer to my event blog at the link below :

My Hair & Makeup Expo 2010

Event : My Hair & Makeup Expo 2010
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MVEC)
Date : 22nd October 2010 ( Friday ) - 24th October 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 11am - 8pm
Admission : Free

I went to this event on Sunday only which is 24th Oct because i am one of the finalist for the Ms Charming contest. There are goodies bag given away if you register before go in to the hall. The Expo is all about make up and hair. There are free make up and free hair do at certain booth in the hall. I already have a free make up and hair do for the contest, but my friend who did not take part the contest also enjoy a free make up there. Not really walk through every booth because the contest already consumes me so much times.

Let see what i get in the goodies bag which they are mostly voucher :
1 x Free make up service voucher by Aery Jo
1 x Free 1 session Mix-To-Match facial voucher by SRM
1 x Free thermal-therapy & Free deep clean facial voucher by Keep Slim
1 x APT RM30 cash voucher
1 x Yume RM20 cash voucher
1 x 30% discount voucher for facial treatment by Sense Beaute Zone
1 x Hair scalp treatment for RM10 voucher
1 x Beauty diary apple polyphenol mask
1 x Sweet

I am now have a lot of vouchers that taken from different events and plan to use most of them before the expire date. It is really busy attending event recently and i need to take some rest which i may not attend some of the event in the future depend on my availability.

My event blog did mentioned on this event and the detail is there :

Clinique's Illuminating Workshops.

Event : Clinique's illuminating workshops.
Date : 21st October 2010 (Thursday) - 31st October 2010 (Sunday)
Time : by appointment
Venue : Clinique counter near you

I have make an appointment for this workshop on 28th October 2010 Thursday 5pm after the Etude House presentation at KLCC Clinique counter. When i reached there, the SA help me to do the analysis of my skin and advice me the Clinique products that suitable for my skin.

After consultation about my skin, she just jot down all the skincare that suit to me in the boucher. Beside the skin consolation, it is a turn to do the make up workshop using their product. She put Clinique liquid foundation on my face, then she use the Clinique eye shadow, eye liner, mascara for my eye make up which she only do 1 eye and i need to do another eye myself. The final step is the Clinique lip gloss to put on my lip. The make up workshop is short, fast and easy which only take about half an hour. The picture above shows my look after the make up by Clinique SA. At the end of the workshop, the SA is giving me 2 free gifts which are the Clinique 7 day scrub and Clinique mascara.

Thanks Clinique for the free gifts but the SA in KLCC counter is not quite friendly in term of conducted the workshop. Hope they will improve in the future. Please refer my event blog for the detail of this event :

Etude House Product Presentation

Event : Etude House Product Presentation
Venue : Pavilion KL, Seventh Heaven Platinum Room
Date : 28th October 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 2pm - 4pm

This is the invitation i get from Etude House to attend their presentation about their product. The presentation topic is "The secret of Golden Ratio : Sculpted to perfection Golden Ratio contouring makeup line". The schedule are as below:
2.00pm : Guest Arrivals
2.15pm : Opening by Emcee
2.20pm : Welcome speech by Etude House
2.30pm : "Golden Ratio" demonstration by makeup artist from Korea
3.30pm : Q & A
3.45pm : Refreshment

When i reached there around 2pm and i proceed to the registration counter. They give me a box of "Golden Ratio" cosmetic and taking picture for all the attendants that come to the event one by one.

When i go inside the platinum room, there are showcasing of Etude house product around. Please refer to the above pictures for some of the Etude house products.
Picture 1 : Collagen Moistfull set (essential massage, essence, cream)
Picture 2 : Pure Joy set (calming toner, nourishing lotion, cream)
Picture 3 : "Golden Ratio" cosmetic set
The cosmetic set are given out in a box to all the attendee and i also received it.

The event start by the welcome speech from etude house Malaysia. After that, Etude House consultant from Korea are invited to the stage to explain what is mean by "Golden Ratio" . "Golden Ratio" is a mathematics formula to calculate the ratio of human face in order to show the perfect contour of our face. The purpose of the golden ratio cosmetic series is how we can make our face look 3D and have a nice contour base on the golden ratio for each of the individual. All the golden ratio cosmetics are using earth colour tones. it tend to highlighting, shading and golden earth tones to our faces.

After the explanation of what is golden ration about, it was a "Golden Ratio" demonstration by makeup artist from Korea. The model are invited to go on to the stage to do the make up demonstration. She is an actress and past winner of I want to be a Model contest on 8TV. The makeup artist from Korea are putting the "golden ratio" cosmetic on to her face and the consultant explaining what each of the product she use. The talks end after the makeup demonstration presentation.

The talk end around 4pm and it was really benefit me a lot and i realize what is the secret of golden ratio in order to use in our face make up everyday. There are some refreshment serving after the talk outside the room.I did not miss the chance to taking picture with the Etude House Korea consultant. He is nice and teach us a lot about the golden ratio tips.

This is the "Golden Ratio" cosmetics set given by Etude House which include :
LUCIDarling fantastic Gradation Eyes Shadow x 1
"Golden Ratio" Contour Maker x 1
"Golden Ratio" Tear Drop Powder x 1
"Golden Ratio" Face Glam x 1

Luckily they already demo how to use each of this products, so i can learn myself to use it on my own. Thanks Etude House for so generous to given out the whole cosmetics set for free. ^_^

For more info, can refer to my event blog below: